Health Yoga Life Coach Training

Don’t just talk about change – COACH!

The Heath Yoga Life Coach Training is your companion to mindfulness practice, meditation and yoga practice.  As a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, massage therapist, or other healing arts and healthcare provider you already know how hungry your clients are for self-improvement, personal growth and living authentic and happier lives. If you are ready to help them reach their highest potential, break negative habits and patterns and grow, the Health Yoga Life Coach Training is for you.

Health Yoga Life Coaches help clients make positive lifestyle and behavior changes permanent and lasting.  By joining fundamental body mind principles, and Life Coaching the Health Yoga Life Coach Training brings integration and confidence into coaching conversations. It is the perfect training for anyone wanting to bring new knowledge, approaches, and vitality to their life and work with others. Health Yoga Life coaches incorporate HYL proprietary tools to help their clients reach their highest potential. Your abilities will grow beyond your expectations.

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Take the training from anywhere in the world – it is completely virtual!– and no wait times to start!

With advanced technology all course materials and recorded downloadable classes progress you month-to-month as you learn coaching skills and practice “how to coach.” Certification is optional, so even if you do not plan to Coach in a professional setting, you can take the program to learn skills that make you a more effective individual.











◊ Are you interested in being a change agent in your community and working with others to better their lives?

◊ Want to distinguish your Yoga teaching through expert knowledge?

◊ Do you want to expand your professional career and offer additional services?

◊ Would you like to learn transferable techniques and tools that coaches employ?

◊ Are you ready to move people from their negative beliefs to ones of promise and purpose?

◊ Are you interested in improving your life and most important relationships?

◊ Are you into Yoga but find you want to expand on what you hear in class?

If you answered YES to any of these questions above, our Health Yoga Life coach training is for you. Our coaching program is suitable for: individuals eager for personal development, yoga teachers/students, practicing coaches, fitness instructors, nurses and physicians, pastoral care associates, physical and massage therapists, social workers and psychotherapists, healthcare administrators, caregivers and more.

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We at HYL recognize that to make true lasting life changes all three aspects of oneself must be engaged: mind, body and spirit. As a Health Yoga Life Coach you will support individuals through their change process, holding them accountable as they move closer to their authenticity. You will help shift someone from emotional reactivity to emotional responsibility and to where they can access their power, worth, and freedom. The most frustrating moment in life is when change is stalled because of fear, depression, and indecision. A Health Yoga Life Coach is an additional support on someone’s journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth.

◊ Learn about yourself so you can help others

◊ Gain intuitive clarity for right action

◊ Free your constraints and access your power

◊ Learn to be open, share and receive more

◊ Understand and value your financial worth

◊ Live in truth instead of fear

◊ Bridge and unite health and empowerment

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This in-depth all virtual program provides you with access to a supportive environment where you will learn, experiment, and have an immediate community. Health Yoga Life coaches are committed to helping people make healthy changes™. They model self-awareness, wholeness, and self-care and meet others wherever they are in their process of change and transformation.

During the training you will learn the cornerstone coaching method that sets HYL coaches apart, the Emotional Responsibility Method™. The Emotional Responsibility Method™ bridges the body mind spirit gap creating a link between inner wisdom, knowing and action. This proprietary coaching method allows people to observe their feelings, process their emotions and take positive steps and actions toward emotional responsibility, health and personal growth. The Emotional Responsibility Method™ brings you back to the true self each time you find yourself in an uncomfortable feeling of anger, disappointment, shame, or guilt; all those negative emotions that keep you stuck. Learn the Emotional Responsibility Method™, expand your consciousness and BE your true authentic self, filled with self-love and compassion.

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Our Coaching model is based on Pathways to Positivity™ so what you want and need can be achieved every day. Health Yoga Life Coaches are committed to a healthy lifestyle and modeling healthy behavior. The Health Yoga Life Coach Training Program requires the integration of a self-awareness practice including yoga, meditation, breath-work and movement. These attributes are considered vital in Health Yoga Life Coach Training.

Our training provides a foundation in integrative health, personal coaching techniques and solutions for managing a professional coaching practice. Participants learn the importance of engaging in their own personal growth and healing, in order to work successfully with others. Participants learn to value the whole person and see how health and wellbeing are created through everyday choices and behaviors. They learn how to create a healing relationship and how to guide and support others in their healing journey.

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This training program has a strong experiential focus for learning. In the training, participants will gain the knowledge and tools to be powerful coaches, mentors, teachers and leaders in their communities, impacting the world around them positively and significantly. During the Health Yoga Life Coach Training students receive two observed coaching sessions. This will allow you to gain critical coaching experience and also support your personal self-development. Our Health Yoga Life Coach Training prepares you to:

◊ listen actively and speak consciously

◊ expand the effectiveness of your communication

◊ engage in a continuous process of self exploration

◊ have more intimacy in your personal life

◊ create meaningful work and purpose in your life

◊ add coaching skills and change processes to your work, current profession and personal life

◊ work as a Professional Health Yoga Life Coach and increase your income

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Health Yoga Life is proud to feature the online educational portal, the HUB!  Take the training from anywhere in the world! This advanced technology with enhanced delivery methods makes classes easy to access and use.

The online classroom portal includes:

-personalized id and password

-access to all the course materials

-easy navigation on homepage with overview of course activity, curriculum, reading list

-3 classes a month for 10 months with month-to-month access

-capability to listen to all the classes on the portal or download to your handheld device

-instructions for homework notes

-technical support by phone and email

-communicate to other students and faculty by phone, Skype or email

Rolling admissions means you do not have to wait to sign up up – and you can take classes when it suits your schedule.  Optional Certification is available after completion of HYL Coach Training (additional requirements apply).
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◊ Comprehensive curriculum

◊ 30 Sixty minute classes (3 class each month recorded and downloadable)

◊ Class notes and suggested reading

◊ Monthly homework (Brief introspective Q and A)

◊ 2 Observed coaching sessions

For additional mentorship through live tele-class, observed coaching or individual mentor coaching for the Health Yoga Life Coach Training select from the Supplemental Mentorship Tools below.

If you are pursuing a Life Coaching career and you are interested in a program that includes various levels of Mentorship go to HYL Life Coach Training.


Health Yoga Life Coach Training

Health Yoga Life Coach Training Program

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Mentor coaching, additional observed coaching sessions and live tele-classes can be added at any time for your personal enrichment. They are not required for HYL Coach Certification.

◊ 3 Months of mentor coaching (ten sessions by telephone)

◊ 5 Observed coaching sessions  (recorded session of you coaching with email feedback)

◊ 15 hours of live group tele-classes (over a ten month period; 90 minutes a month)


Health Yoga Life Coach Supplemental Mentorship

Supplemental Mentor Coaching

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Health Yoga Life Coach Training Supplemental Observed Sessions

Supplemental Observed Coaching

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Health Yoga Life Coach Supplemental Live Tele Classes

Live Tele Classes

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The HYL Coach Training Program prepares you for the Health Yoga Life Coach Certification and how to work as a coach. Additional certification fee applies.

The Health Yoga Life, LLC, Certification Committee is made up of a Board of Advisers, who are founding experts in the industry and HYL Faculty. You will be assigned a member of the committee to help you complete all the certification requirements. The Health Yoga Coach Certification is in line with the standards of the National Health & Wellness Coach Certification and adheres to ethical guidelines and coaching principles defined by the International Coach Federation.

Certification requirements include:

  1. Successful completion of the program
  2. Completion of all homework assignments
  3. Completion of 2 Observed Coaching Sessions
  4. Additional supporting documentation, and recorded exit interview
  5. Evidence of experiential work with clients and working professionally as a coach

For more information on the courses and registration information please call us at 877.777.2010 or email us at for more information.

I heartily agree with you and support the concepts and work of Health Yoga Life. We are finally reaching a point in healthcare where we will truly be intensively caring for people. In order to do this, a total approach to wellness will be necessary. Your program will be an asset in helping all this come to pass.”-Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, Best Selling Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles

Submit your name and email below for more information and to receive a FREE audio file.Hear from the experts about how Health Yoga Life Coaching and yoga work together!

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