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Yoga for Physical, Emotional, and Mental Wellness

We’ve been living one full year with the pandemic. It’s taken a toll on all of us – some of us have lost jobs, some of us have lost loved ones, and we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of life. How is everyone doing?

We hope you’re all taking the time to care for your health – every aspect of it. HYL is committed to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. That’s why we’re Health Yoga Life. We’re not just about yoga – we’re about helping you achieve wellness in your health and in your life (whether that’s in your relationships, your work life, or your relationship with yourself).

As we experience the one-year anniversary of when the U.S. went on lockdown, here’s a little reminder of how you can improve your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Caring for Your Physical Health

HYL supports your physical health by offering live yoga classes. With a variety of classes available seven days a week, there’s something for everyone. Try gentle, restorative yoga if you’re just starting out. Try a Vinyasa flow if you’re looking to get your heart rate up. Yoga has so many benefits for your physical health, including improved flexibility, strengthened muscles, improved posture and metabolism, and reduced heart rate and blood pressure. Sign up for a yoga class here!

If you want to take your practice even further, you can register for Health Yoga Life’s teacher training course. You don’t need the best flexibility or knowledge of techniques – you just need to love yoga! If you’re not sure if teacher training is right for you, check out these six reasons it is. Whatever stage you’re in in your practice, there’s an HYL class or teacher training that will boost your physical health.

Caring for Your Emotional Health

In addition to caring for your physical health, HYL supports your emotional wellbeing with HYL Coach Training. In these sessions, you can learn how to make healthy changes for yourself, your family, and your community. Our Emotional Responsibility Method teaches you about your emotions – the good, bad, and ugly – so you can develop a mindfulness towards your emotions. This emotional intelligence will then enable you to sit with an emotion and explore why you feel the way you do. Then, by recognizing the emotion, you can take steps to regain balance. Feeling angry? Maybe it’s time to step away from the situation or person and step onto the mat for an hour. Feeling sad? Take a few minutes to practice pranayama. Feeling happy? Don’t waste this exuberant energy – make dinner for a friend or go grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor. With our Coach Training, we will help you towards emotional wellness.

Caring for Your Mental Health

Your mental health is so important, and that’s why it’s one of our top priorities here at Health Yoga Life. Several studies have shown that yoga can relieve stress, sharpen concentration, and calm the nervous system. It also helps with depression and sleep issues. Even if you choose to do yoga as a way to get your heart pumping, you’ll still be caring for your mental health because as you care for your body, you care for your mind. When your body feels healthy and energized, your mindset is improved.

A few other ways yoga helps with your mental health (besides the physical aspect of moving your body) is by establishing connections with others and yourself. Through HYL’s live classes and teacher trainings, you can build a community of fellow yogis. You’ll support each other on and off the mat, keeping each other strong and accountable in all areas of life. Additionally, simply by making time to do yoga a few times a week can do wonders in boosting your mental wellbeing. You’ll show yourself that you are special, you are worthy, and you are strong. Self-care is growing in popularity for a reason – once your mental state is cared for, then you will be at your best to do wonderful things for your family and friends, your community, and yourself.

If you’d like to know more about yoga’s connection to mental health, check out our upcoming workshop that explores poses and breath work that can help calm you when you need it most. Sign up for the March 27 workshop here.

Health – Yoga – Life

This past year has been a struggle. We’ve had our lows and our highs. As we continue to move forward and grow from our 2020 experiences, it’s crucial we remember to care for our physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Yoga offers so many benefits that help you become a better, stronger person. We want to help you on this journey toward becoming your best self, and that’s why we have created yoga classes, teacher training courses, and coach training courses that connect you to your body, mind, and spirit as well as connecting you to those around you. Let us be part of your support system this next year. Sign up for a live class or training course today at Health Yoga Life!

Props for Enhancing Your Home Studio Space

Props for Enhancing Your Home Studio Space

One of the great things about yoga is its flexibility (no pun intended!) – you don’t need anything but your body and a mat (or a towel), but you can choose to use props to enhance your practice. Here at Health Yoga Life we love Yoga Direct because it’s a one-stop-shop for all things yoga accessories. Whether you’re wanting to deepen your practice or take a relaxing restorative session, you can find everything you need at Yoga Direct. In this blog post, we cover some of our favorite props.

Accessories for Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga can be a great way to ease your mind before the start of a new week. Bolsters and blankets are the perfect accessories for restorative practices. Bolsters are firm enough to be supportive yet soft enough to feel comfortable and relaxing. Yoga blankets warm, pad, and ease your muscles, and you can get these blankets from Yoga Direct in neutral colors or traditional Mexican patterns. Choose your favorite bolster and blanket then join us on Sundays at 5:45 PM for an online restorative class.

Props for Deepening Your Practice

If you want to get deeper into a pose or provide extra stability, yoga straps and blocks will be your best friend. Yoga Direct’s straps can deepen a pose or help with modification when you’re first starting out. For proper alignment, you can select one of Yoga Direct’s blocks. Larger blocks can raise the floor to a level that is comfortable for you as you continue to grow in flexibility and strength. Smaller blocks are great for supporting hips and improving balance. Keep growing in your practice with essential yoga props like blocks and straps.

Cushions for Meditation

To prepare your body for meditation, you can sit on a cushion. The zafu and zabuton cushions aid in your sitting practice. Combine the two cushions or use one or the other for comfort and support during meditation or yin yoga.

Everything You Need to Enhance Your Practice

However you enjoy practicing yoga, there’s an accessory to enhance your practice. From comfort-inducing blankets, bolsters, and cushions to strengthening straps and blocks, you can find everything you need for a home studio space at Yoga Direct. After outfitting your yoga space, sign up for a class with a Health Yoga Life certified instructor.

For even more essential yoga props, check out our post here.

Balancing the Doshas with Dosha Bar

Did you know that what you eat can affect your balance, and that what you need to feel balanced may not be what someone else needs? This principle is part of Ayurveda. One of our favorite companies, local to us here in Boston, is Dosha Bar. They make organic snack bars that support each person’s dosha. We’ll give you a quick run-down of each type of dosha then explain which bars would be perfect for balancing your dosha.


What is Your Dosha?

Ayurveda states that there are five elements in life (space, water, earth, fire, and air) and that these elements combine to create three different doshas – vata, kapha, and pitta. These doshas can help you, as an individual, determine the best way to achieve emotional, physical, and physiological health. A person may have a combination of these doshas, but usually one is more dominant than the others.


    • People with a vata dosha are out-of-the-box thinkers, quick learners, energetic, and creative. They may also be forgetful, have trouble sleeping, and have irregular eating patterns.


    • People with a kapha dosha are strong, caring, patient, and happy. They may also have a slow metabolism, breathing issues, and depression.


    • People with a pitta dosha are strong leaders, highly motivated and goal-oriented, and quick learners. They may also be impatient, prone to mood swings, always hungry, and prone to inflammation.


Ayurvedic theory supports the idea that what you eat can help you achieve balance. If you don’t know your dosha or which foods would be ideal for you, take Dosha Bar’s short quiz to find out. Once you receive your dosha result, you’ll also be presented with balancing activities, foods, and habits that fit your dosha. And, of course, you’ll learn which Dosha Bar is perfect for you!


Types of Dosha Bars

For people with a vata dosha, there is the Cherry Chakra bar. Made with organic seeds, such as pumpkin and hemp, and organic fruits, such as cherries and dates, this bar is created to make you feel relaxed and anchored. Plus, it’s chock-full of tangy cherry flavor! Get it here.


For people with a pitta dosha, there is the Blueberry Bliss bar (found here). The fruits and seeds in this bar have been selected to calm and refresh you. The organic blueberries with a hint of cinnamon taste makes this bar the perfect post-yoga session snack.


Finally, for people with a kapha dosha, there is the Apple Cran Awakening bar (here). Designed to help you feel motivated, this bar works as an excellent snack for energy before work, grocery shopping, or yoga! Sweet, tart, and earthy – this bar has it all.


Balance with Dosha Bar

Achieving balance involves everything from how you work out to what you eat. In order to have the energy you need to care for your body, mind, and spirit, be selective about what you put into your body. Dosha Bar can help you become balanced before and after a yoga class or teacher training. Grab your Dosha Bar and sign up for yoga at Health Yoga Life.

Enjoy (Coconut) Water with Vita Coco

Water is boring – no flavor, no pop of color, no texture – but that doesn’t change the fact that our bodies need it to function properly and to keep our minds sharp. Coconut water is all the rage right now, and for good reason. With several health benefits and fun ways to enjoy it, it could be your solution to drinking more water. Let’s look at one of our favorite coconut water companies, Vita Coco, and how drinking it can benefit you.


Vita Coco – Fun Water with a Purpose

Vita Coco has multiple coconut water selections to keep you hydrated, which is why it was a popular pick at our studio. Not only do they make delicious water, they’re also committed to ensuring a brighter future for coconut farmers and the younger generation. With their Vita Coco Project, they help farmers sustainably grow coconuts, aid in building schools, and fund scholarships for higher learning. When you drink Vita Coco, you’re not just hydrating your body, you’re also helping create a better world.


Is Coconut Water Good for You?

Yes! Coconut water is an excellent way to rehydrate and replenish what you’ve sweated out during a yoga session. Low in sugar, carbs, and sodium and high in potassium, coconut water is a healthy choice for keeping you going during errands, work, or a light exercise. It also contains calcium and magnesium, which are minerals that help your muscles contract and relax, making it a helpful aid during yoga. If you’re in need of quick energy after a strenuous exercise, pair coconut water with a banana or raisins.


Mix It Up (Ways to Enjoy Coconut Water)

You can drink coconut water on its own or you can add it to your favorite recipes. Here are a few ways we recommend using coconut water:


    1. Add it to your smoothies for extra antioxidants and minerals. If you need a new smoothie recipe, try Siga’s green drink smoothie here (just replace the filtered water with coconut water).
    2. Make mocktails. Mix coconut water with your favorite natural fruit juices for a tasty treat during celebrations.
    3. Brew your favorite tea with coconut water instead of plain water.


A Power Drink for Yoga

The craziness over coconut water came about for a reason. Between its electrolytes and hydrating capabilities, this refreshing drink is the perfect complement to a yoga practice. Enjoy a Vita Coco single serving or mix it with other ingredients for a delicious, nutritional power drink. Grab your Vita Coco and sign up for a yoga class at Health Yoga Life.

Conquer Self-Doubt and Love Yourself

One of the greatest enemies to an authentic, beautiful life is self-doubt. When we doubt our capacity to love, to say the right thing, to do good, and to be who we want to be, we live in fear of not being good enough. Doubt often makes us lose the ability to love ourselves. But we don’t have to give up! It is possible to overcome self-doubt and genuinely love ourselves. Practicing yoga, recognizing false beliefs, performing acts of love for yourself, journaling, and talking with a professional can awaken feelings of love for yourself while getting rid of self-doubt.


Yoga and Self-Doubt

Yoga philosophy teaches us that we have all the answers we need already inside of us, that we just need to get quiet and focus inwards. Self-doubt and insecurity creep up when we look externally, rather than internally, for how we should be. We let social media, our family, our coworkers, and those around us define the clothes we should wear, the behaviors we should adopt, and the beliefs we should hold. And if we don’t have these things, we’re not good enough – for that job, that relationship, that role, that home. Our self-love disintegrates before our eyes. But, if we look to ourselves to decide who we can be, then we replace doubt with confidence.


Practicing yoga on a consistent basis teaches you to see the light within yourself. By connecting with your inner self on the mat, you’ll begin to recognize when your mind is trying to tell you lies about your identity and your worth, and then you can reframe these thoughts. As you move through the yoga poses, pause to acknowledge your self-talk. If you’re drifting towards negative comments, use self-affirming language instead. Tell yourself, “I am strong. I am whole.” The mindfulness you establish in yoga will help you when you begin to doubt your choices and actions in the real world.


Practice pranayama to quiet any external voices and listen to your inner guide. Using your connection with your breath, you can get in touch with your feelings. All feelings can be informational, and by listening to them, you can learn why you’re feeling the way you are. Then, you can take steps to change those doubtful feelings. Yoga is a powerful tool to have in your fight against self-doubt – between the simple act of breathing and the mindful poses you step into. The next time you’re feeling inadequate, take a few minutes to quiet the world around you and breathe. You can also join Health Yoga Life’s online community of fellow yogis for inspiration and support. Find out more about our classes here.


Recognize False Beliefs

Self-doubt stems from believing lies about ourselves – whether those lies come from other people or from deep within ourselves. When you’re feeling hatred towards yourself or questioning your abilities to do something, it’s time to stop and think about why you’re feeling the way you are. Be honest with yourself. Why are you feeling shame, sadness, or emptiness? Recognize when your brain is recalling words of false beliefs from others or creating self-abandoning statements. Tell yourself these thoughts are not true, then reframe these negative thoughts into positive statements. You are worth it. You can do it. Once you recognize why your mind is trying to tell you lies, you can take steps to disprove these self-doubting feelings.


Show Yourself Love

One of the best ways to love yourself is to do something for yourself. It can be hard to feel love for ourselves sometimes – we’re complicated, moody, tiresome people. You know that saying “Fake it until you make it”? Feeling love for yourself is often like this. In order to feel like you love exactly who you are, you need to do something for yourself that shows you how valuable and special you are. Just as you would bake cookies for a friend having a bad day or gift flowers to your mom or aunt, treat yourself to something you enjoy and that makes you feel fulfilled. Take a yoga class. Get a massage. Eat a slice of cake. Paint a picture. Write a poem. By treating yourself as worthy of love, you’ll start to feel that love in return.


Journal Your Thoughts

Keeping a journal can help you gain clarity into the situations and feelings you’re experiencing. Often, we get so lost in our thoughts, that our self-doubts become inflated and we can’t see any truths. By recording what happens in your life and making lists of the positive things, you’ll be able to see things in a more level-headed way.


Talk with Someone

Sometimes a lack of self-love comes from toxic relationships, unresolved issues, and trauma from our past. If you’re struggling with negative thoughts about yourself that are impeding your ability to find joy in life and excel in every little thing you do, it can be so healing to talk with a licensed professional. They can show you that loving yourself is learning how to soothe your inner self, and they’ll enable you to recognize self-doubts when they crop up.


Overcome Self-Doubt by Practicing Love

Loving yourself is the key to loving others and being the best you can be. Self-doubt can ruin so many of the beautiful things in life. It causes us to miss out on new work opportunities, giving back to others, and living freely. Taking a few small steps today to increase your self-love will banish doubt and help you grow in confidence.

Increasing Your Self-Discipline

We all have those things that we love to do (walking the dog, eating a good meal with friends). And, of course, those things that require more energy and motivation (sticking to a workout or a diet, apologizing to someone we hurt). It’s all too easy to prioritize what we enjoy and make excuses for why we can’t do what we believe will be really painful in the moment. We tell ourselves things like, “I don’t really need to start my diet today” or “I don’t need to say I’m sorry right now; I’ll do it later.” When it feels like sticking to your promises and goals is becoming harder and harder, remember the teachings of tapas and know that you have the power to stay the course. Let’s look at a few ways you can increase your self-discipline in your life goals, work, relationships, exercise, and diet.


How Tapas Helps with Self-Discipline

Tapas is one of the Niyamas, which are moral codes or social contracts that we should adopt to internalize positivity and to take that positivity out into the world. Tapas is the burning away of negativity or impurities in our lives. It is at the core of discipline. We won’t be motivated to do what’s good for us if we don’t have a burning enthusiasm or desire deep within us. Achieving this enthusiasm takes practice and experimentation. Find what you enjoy and what will help you stick to the exercise routine, diet, or behavior you want to develop. Tapas will cultivate inside you a sense of self-discipline — a fiery passion to care for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and to reach your true, authentic self.


3 Ways to Grow in Self-Discipline

If you’re ready to stop making excuses for why you avoid the hard stuff, you can take steps towards increasing your self-discipline. With several ways to develop discipline, you’ll bring a centeredness to your life. Remember, discipline does not mean pushing yourself harder and longer. It simply means taking time and energy to do what you can to attend to your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s okay to take it easy once in a while. Sometimes, simply doing 10 minutes of yoga or journaling only one sentence is all your body and mind needs (and can handle) that day. Listen to your body, mind, and spirit. With that said, let’s get into a few ways you can grow your self-discipline!


Practice Yoga

Whether it’s a 10-, 30-, or 60-minute session, the simple act of practicing yoga can increase your self-discipline. With its physical and mental benefits, any amount of time on the mat is good for you. We may all know this, but sometimes it’s still really hard to get on the mat. This isn’t unlike a lot of things in our lives (healthy diets, for example). But when things get tough, it’s not time to quit; we have to keep pushing forward.


Tapas is an inner wisdom that sprouts inside of you the more you do something that is good for you but isn’t always easy, like yoga. This wisdom reminds you why you need to step on the mat even though the sun isn’t up yet or even though you had a bad day at work. Tapas burns away these negative thoughts and feelings and instead encourages positive behavior (such as going to bed earlier so you can practice yoga in the morning).


By practicing discipline in one small aspect of your life (yoga), you will be able to carry self-discipline into other areas of your life. Tapas will help you want to make better choices, even when it’s hard. Just as you push through (or “burn” away) thoughts that tell you a certain pose is impossible or you’re not good enough on the mat, you can learn to reframe negative thoughts in your everyday life into positive statements (such as “I may not have gotten this job but that doesn’t mean I’m not good enough. It wasn’t the right time and if I keep trying an even better job will come around.”). The inner strength you develop in yoga when you face challenges head-on will follow you everywhere you go in life. Sign up for Health Yoga Life’s yoga classes here.


Start Small

If you’re wanting to establish a new habit, start small. It can be all too overwhelming to tackle huge practices or projects at once. Break the task or goal into small steps. Plan to eat a vegetable at dinner every weekday until it becomes second nature. Do just 15 or 30 minutes of yoga. Watch only 40 minutes of your favorite show before turning it off and picking up a book instead. Over time, the practice of breaking tasks and goals into smaller pieces will help you garner more self-discipline.


Be Mindful of the Urge to Flee Hardships

Doing anything new or uncomfortable makes us want to run the other way. However, embracing the discomfort of the things that are painful at first but are good for us in the end (does this sound like power yoga to anyone else?) will increase your self-discipline. You’ll know that, while it’s uncomfortable right now, you’ll be better for sticking it out. Be mindful of these urges to run away and recognize that you don’t have to listen to them.


Stay Motivated

By cultivating Tapas, practicing yoga, setting small goals, and being mindful of your impulses, you’ll be on your way to increasing your self-discipline. We all have an affinity for one thing or another. Find yours and pursue it whole-heartedly. You can’t be disciplined if you don’t feel motivated to do what you need to do.

Give the Gift of Encouragement

February is the month of love. This is the perfect time to remind your significant other, your friends, and your family how much they mean to you. If you need gift ideas for those “just because” moments, here are a few of our favorite Oerth Studio ceramic items.


Who is Oerth Studio?

Oerth Studio was started by a Lorraine Oerth, an artist from Alexandria, Virginia. One day, Lorraine was inspired by a woman potter from Japan who shaped temple-offering bowls on her elbow. Lorraine wanted to create unique dishes like these that encouraged feelings of love, serenity, and hope. This was how the Giving Bowl was born; it was meant to brighten people’s days from the moment they received the gift to the many days after. Now, Lorraine and her team of artisans hand-make ceramic bowls and dishes for use in homes, spas, hotels, gift shops, and more.


Giving Hearts

Oerth Studio has Giving Heart dishes with encouraging messages that will help you express gratitude to your loved ones. Their Giving Hearts collection features pink, red, white, and turquoise hearts with sayings such as “Live Simply” and “Breathe.” If you need a sweet little gift for your mother, a friend who’s going through a rough time, or a little sister who needs a confidence boost, Oerth Studio’s uplifting dishes could be a great gift. These dishes can hold rings, earrings, soap, bobby pins, or small treasures. When you gift a Giving Heart, you’re giving encouragement that will last for days and years to come.


Quote Dishes

Another unique Valentine’s Day gift is one of Oerth Studio’s ceramic Quote dishes. Quotes from literary giants like C.S. Lewis and F. Scott Fitzgerald can provide inspiration to mothers, sisters, and aunts. Quotes from Buddha and Ghandi will arouse positivity and strength. These small handmade dishes make a sweet gift for any occasion and any “thinking of you” moment.


Express Love with Oerth Studio

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, special occasion, or simply expressing your appreciation that someone is in your life, send them a greeting card that they don’t throw away. Oerth Studio’s ceramics bring joy day after day. Do you need other gift ideas? Pair an Oerth Studio inspirational dish with a Health Yoga Life class or membership.

Short on Time? Practice 30 Minutes (or Less) of Yoga

Sometimes working out can feel like just one more thing on our long list of to-dos that will once again go unchecked. We know it can be hard to make time for exercise. Occasionally, it’s okay to take a rest from working out, and it’s always good to forgive yourself when you miss a workout. However, we believe it is completely possible – and important – to practice yoga, even when you’re short on time.


Benefits of Physical Activity – Even in Short Bursts

The recommended amount of physical activity in a week is 150 minutes, which is roughly 21 minutes a day. This is absolutely doable, even when we’re busy. In just 21 minutes, we can see remarkable differences in our health. This makes short workouts completely worth your time.

By taking a few minutes a day for physical activity (something even as little as a brisk walk or equivalent), you are taking steps toward extending your life. It’ll lower your chances of diseases and increase brain activity, giving you more focus and energy. Your health will benefit from even a few minutes of physical activity, so whatever you enjoy most that gets you moving, do it. This could be a few minutes of yoga, a walk, a jog, or a HIIT workout.


Is 15, 20, 30 Minutes of Yoga a Day Enough?

An ideal yoga practice is 60 minutes, but sometimes this isn’t possible and can even seem daunting. When you don’t have enough time for a full yoga practice, you may be wondering if it’s even worth it to do 15 or 30 minutes. Yes, it is absolutely enough to do a few minutes of yoga a day. A short yoga practice has several benefits.


It Helps You Form Habits

Shorter yoga practices can help you settle into a routine and remind you why it’s beneficial to step on the mat every day. As a 2012 study shows, small, consistent behaviors are more likely to turn into habits because we can fit them into a busy schedule. That’s why we now offer 30-minute yoga sessions here at Health Yoga Life. These short practices require little of your time but can have major benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing. If you can’t make it live to the 30-minute sessions, you can sign up for a membership and receive flex viewing, which will allow you to watch the classes you missed at a time that is convenient for you. Don’t skip another yoga practice; even 30 minutes of yoga can help you form healthy habits that you’ll want to carry throughout the rest of your life.


It Enhances Physical Health

Even a short yoga practice offers several physical health benefits. You can still experience increased flexibility and strength, just as you would from a 60-minute session. The key is consistency. Regularly stepping on the mat can see remarkable improvements to your physical health. Plus, a shorter yoga practice (such as our 30-minute classes) could be the addition to your regular workout that you need for all-around fitness.


It Improves Mental Wellbeing

If for no other reason than the mental health benefits, you should make time for yoga. A short yoga session can be therapeutic, which can reduce stress and improve sleep. It can also enhance your concentration and give you a boost of energy; this makes shorter practices a great way to step away from the desk and refresh your mind in the middle of the workday. When you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, or stressed, step onto the mat and breathe.


Short Yoga Practices for the Win

The next time you have a time-sensitive schedule, remember to plan for a yoga practice – of any length. You can benefit from a short yoga practice just as much as a 60-minute session. The important thing to do is consistently step on the mat – whether that’s every day or every other day. Whether you just have 15, 20, or 30 minutes, make time for yoga – your body, mind, and spirit will thank you. Sign up for our 30-minute virtual yoga classes today – joining Stephen on Fridays at 12:30 PM or Ashley on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM! Or join Liz for 30 minutes of high-intensity strength and cardio, followed by a 30 minute Vinyasa flow, led by Robyn, to fire up the core and cool you down on Mondays at 7:00 AM!

Nag Champa Incense to Enhance Your Yoga Space

Our in-person yoga studio may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the feel of our studio in your own home. An incense we used to burn in the studio was Nag Champa from Nag Champa Spa. This California-based company sells hand-crafted aromatherapy and fragrance products that originated from India and Nepal. It has a variety of items to transform your home practice into a yoga studio experience.


Incense for a Calming Environment

When our studio was still open, we frequently burned the Nag Champa Gold incense, and our yogis were always asking what it was. This hand-rolled incense is a blend of herbs, floral extracts, and essential oils for a peaceful, calming fragrance to accompany any yoga practice. You do not even necessarily need to burn the sticks as they have a gentle aroma that you could make into a diffuser. It warms up any space.  



Candles for Peace

Bring warmth and relaxation to your home practice with Nag Champa Spa’s lavender candle. If you’re feeling anxious, sad, or depressed, lavender can relieve these negative feelings and fill you with a sense of peace. A combination of yoga and a natural lavender candle will help you see the hope of brighter days.


Aromatherapy Gift Set for Change

If you’re not sure which incense you should try first, you can get the gift set. This set has samples of Nag Champa Spa’s most popular scents and even comes with a beautifully made holder. Change up your home yoga practice with these samples. Relax with Nag Champa Gold, stay energized with sage, and relieve depression with jasmine. Whatever you feel like you’re lacking, there’s an incense to restore balance. Check out the gift set here.


Bracelets for Meditation

Nag Champa Spa not only sells aromatherapy items, they also have handmade Good Karma items, such as their Chakra Gemstone bracelet. This piece of jewelry features handcrafted beads from India. It’s a beautiful gift or accessory to remind you (or your loved one) to meditate.


Hand Sanitizer for Cleanliness

In order to stick to your yoga practice, it’s important to care for your health. Keep your hands clean with Nag Champa Spa’s hand sanitizer. It not only rids your hands of germs, it also moisturizes your skin. This classic Nag Champa fragrance will relax you as you run errands. Find this hand sanitizer here.


Deepen Your Yoga Practice

While you’re practicing yoga from home, you can still create a sacred, authentic space. Burn a Nag Champa Spa incense stick or candle, and join one of Health Yoga Life’s weekly virtual classes led by a certified yoga instructor. These hand-crafted items from Nag Champa Spa will enhance your yoga practice any day you need it most.

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