Forget no! It’s YESvember! #HYLWellthyWednesday

So many times we find ourselves saying yes to the wrong things, for example, time consuming projects, draining people, or the wrong foods/drinks and saying no to the things that actually support us like scheduling a yoga class, committing to a meditation practice or cooking at home.  Most of us today feel a push/pull with time.  There are so many things we’d like to do, and it always seems that there is never enough time.  

Let’s challenge this a bit.  If you were really to assess how you spent your time over a week maybe you’d find that actually some simple reprioritization or better choice making around how you spend your time could help.  For example I have heard many people say “I’d really like to eat healthier and cook more meals at home, but I just don’t have the time”.  Really?  Are you sure?  It is reported that people spend more time watching cooking shows rather than cooking. Say what!  You read that right.  We say we want to cook but then instead of actually cooking and doing something we might find enjoyable, we watch someone else do it on TV.  There is something wrong with this picture, and it’s not the static on your tv!  It’s how and what we are choosing to do with our time.  

This November start to move toward the YES of what you truly want and desire in life.  Do a little self-reflection are there one or two things that you could say no to in one area of your life that would actually allow you to say yes in another.  For example, “if I plan my going out with my friends, and limit my alcohol consumption to one night of the weekend, I can make it to my favorite yoga class on the other weekend morning”  or “if I let go of a toxic relationship in which I spend energy fighting and not being heard I will have time to pursue the writing class I’ve wanted to take and might meet some new people.”  Making choices aligned with your inner authentic YES is what moves life toward more fulfillment and happiness.

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