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Health Yoga Life, Beacon Hill Yoga Studio NOW Open! by Vyda Bielkus

We are so excited to be meeting new students at our daily yoga classes in our new yoga studio on Cambridge Street and Temple Street in Beacon Hill.   Temple Street is a great little street with the majestic State House at one end and Cambridge Street on the other. Today I was so excited to see it really come to life.  I can honestly say, we at Health Yoga Life are thrilled to have found such a terrific location and neighborhood for our new yoga studio.

Today was holiday decorating time on Temple Street; a great tradition when all the neighbors gather and decorate the street lamps and street plant holders with beautiful holiday garland and evergreens.   People of all ages came together to help make something shift from the ordinary to extraordinary.  All generations did their part – from little children eager to share their favorite yoga pose with me, to the Suffolk University fraternity students eager to help their community shine.    It was truly a rare and precious moment of community in an otherwise hustling and bustling Beacon Hill and West End.

Temple Street although a quaint street year round had been looking a little grey this time of year, as the leaves had fallen off the trees and the flowers were no longer blooming.  But with some love and attention in just a few hours, as the greenery and holiday red ribbons went up, so did the mood and smiles of all who participated and all who walked by.

In many ways it reminded of me of what happens when we take time to do something healthy for ourselves, like taking a yoga class.  Taking time out of our busy day to journey inward on our yoga mat takes the mundane life and adds some brightness and techni-color to it.  A good yoga class can help you shine no matter the weather!

My sisters and I can’t wait to see our new neighbors at the Health Yoga Life Boston studio. Everyone is welcome to our new studio.  We hope to become a wonderful community yoga studio in the heart of Beacon Hill!

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.