We are not your typical founding team.

Our company Health Yoga Life grew out of our own real-life struggles and triumphs. There were many moments in each of our lives, and as a family, positive and negative, that were pivotal to shaping who we are. Embracing the positive was easy! However, we became who we are through transforming and growing through the negatives. We met every challenge though a collaborative approach seeking out and trying various modalities of health and healing. This sparked a movement toward yoga, for assuring positive change in each of us—and in us as a family.

“Shhhhhh, Mama’s meditating!”

Many separate paths and interests enriched each of our pursuits. From amazing educations earning everything from BAs, MBAs, to PHDs (MIT, Boston University, U Mass, Wellesley College, George Washington University, Vilnius University, Oxford University) to jobs at hi-tech startups and developing integrative medicine centers, our individual paths wove together on 11/11/11 when we opened our first yoga studio in Boston’s Beacon Hill. Intent on building community and sharing our approaches and knowledge, Health Yoga Life launched a yoga teacher training. The second studio opened in Cambridge Kendal Square in 2017 and with teachers trained by Health Yoga Life. 

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – RUMI

We practice and teach change and transformation and explore these concepts, in depth.  On June 19, 2019, we as family and the HYL community faced our biggest challenge, when Aida Bielkus (daughter, mother, sister and co-founder) suddenly passed away from an aortic rupture in the mountains of Vermont, doing what she loved– teaching others about wholeness.  On the heels of her loss, we as a family and HYL community closed our physical studio locations due to the pandemic.  We thought perhaps we had come to the conclusion of the Health Yoga Life story.  But once again we turned to the things that had always served us-the practice of yoga.

And we found we still had a willingness to transform, and with that and strong community support, we envisioned and have had the courage to embark on building HYL 2.0 –an incredible and thriving, ever expanding, online community.

We heartily welcome you to the Health Yoga Life family. We promise you will always feel at hOMe with us, and we can’t wait to see how your transformation unfolds.