Life is Yours to Live by Vyda Bielkus

We humans are collectors.  From the time we are little we pick up countless items along the way and give them meaning.   Some of these inanimate objects stay with us a while, like my clown flannel blanky that was so loved that only a few threads remained when it was finally given up.  Other items  get picked up and put down quickly but still our inquisitive minds examines them to see how they fit or don’t fit what and who we want ourselves to be and be represented by.

Our experiences are much like this too.  As we grow up all of us have impacting moments along the continuum of life.  Some are big like when a parent leaves, other times the moments are small like when you are told to stop asking so many questions by a teacher.  Different from the items we collect, our experiences don’t ever leave us they simply build up our beliefs and the patterns of responses that we learn to operate under.   From the beliefs that no longer serve us, we react in fear, anger, confusion, etc.  As we go through life, these become the fallback emotions we operate from all the time.  Yet most of us don’t even know we are doing this.  We get good functioning out of our child-like responses that we spend very little time consciously creating authentic grown up reactions and behaviors.  This allows us to not take responsibility for ourselves and when we live without self-responsibility we basically never reach the potential of our spirit.  We operate constantly from two extremes never coming into middle long enough to make a different healthier choice for our actions.

For example, a ranting boss can so remind us of a yelling parent that we might immediately fall into a place of fear. As the fear comes up we then compensate to try to get out of feeling fearful, because our spirit does not feel good in a state of fear.  So we start reacting in ways we never would dream we would behave as a mature whole adult.  We try to over please the tyrant or we yell back, or a whole slew of possible reactions based on how we learned to behave in those early childhood pattern forming days.   These decisions are split second decisions.  We don’t formally think it through it just happens.

As you look around most of us are continuously acting out of some child formulated behavior.  We can’t seem to lift ourselves out of seeing that actually those behaviors those reactions are not really of this moment in time.  But how do we begin to stop acting out of these child-like ways and start claiming our own destiny, clear of illusion.  To pause and realize, “I am not naturally a person that yells back”, and therefore I can choose an alternate course of action.

For one you need to decide that what you are doing now isn’t working and that maybe why you are doing it is not based entirely on the reality of the situation at hand.  You also need to begin to observe yourself and get to know yourself beyond the constrictions of your past.  With meditation you can begin to develop a special relationship to your mind and see that it is a vast place with much opportunity for being in the now and creating a different future.  With yoga you can begin to sink deeply into locked feelings in the body that are connected to those impacting moments of your past.   As you stay with sensations in the body you can observe yourself in those moments of the past with clearer keener observation. Through coaching you are able to see yourself as whole, authentic and reclaim responsibility for your self.  It is through meditation, yoga and coaching conversations you learn to voice and manifest a life of wholeness, action and expanded consciousness.

When you live your life as a self-responsible adult, life is not done unto you.  You have the ability to shape your choices and your reactions, free from the limitations of your past.  When you are self-responsible, you see others differently too and can be there for them in a new way, not expecting from or controlling them.    Life becomes yours to live.

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