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Mind, Mood, & Muscle for Your Bag of Tricks! – By Aida Bielkus

I remember as a young mother I learned about “the bag of tricks”. The bag of tricks could be a set of coloring pencils and paper, a couple of drops of lavender oil on a stuffed animal, a little tub of playdough, these were some of the things I would always carry with me in those moments when my child had had enough with whatever we were doing. The bag of tricks would catch his attention, and he occupy himself in a way that he was not expecting.

Why should we adults give up on the fun?  Why not create a bag of tricks for yourself- a grab bag if you will of healthy ways to occupy yourself.  Let’s get creative! Move your body, stimulate your mind and build you muscle.  As adults we hit a plateau, we form habits, we get bored. Mind, Mood, & Muscle (MMM)  is great program to add to your bag of tricks. Going out to the yoga studio and gym are great, going dancing is great, hiking in the woods is great, all these also in your bag of tricks.

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For under a hundred dollars Mind, Mood, & Muscle is a great addition for home. For someone new to yoga it is a great gift.

I have absolutely loved Mind, Mood, & Muscle throughout my time using it.  It has been the perfect resource with my busy work schedule. When my mind and body become busy throughout the day I have MMM to look forward to.  The guided meditations are perfect and grounding, especially throughout this busy time of year. If I am unable to make it to a class due to working too late, weather, etc., I love being able to log in and have my very own Health Yoga Life taught class at home! MMM is such a helpful resource that truly helps me continue to live my yoga on and off the mat.”


Ever month for 12 Months You Will Receive-

  • A Video Yoga Class ranging in length from 30 minutes to 75 minutes
  • An Audio Meditation Recording that you can download and listen to anywhere!
  • A Video teaching you ancient techniques to help shift your energy fast!
  • HYL sister tips ranging on topics from quick healthy meals to must-dos for healthy living!
  • And a once a month coaching motivation email that will keep you engaged in your transformation.

Go to or CLICK HERE to purchase for you or a friend!

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.