Practice Mindfulness in Style with Onzie Face Masks

Caring for our health and others’ has never been so stylish. Be mindful of your actions, protect yourself and those around you with a face mask or covering, and stop the spread of germs. Express yourself while practicing safety – wear patterns and a variety of colors and fabrics, or keep it simple with solid black. At Health Yoga Life, we enjoy practicing yoga and running errands in a Onzie mindful mask. A company dedicated to the power of movement, Onzie has created masks to inspire activeness, self-expression, and mindfulness. Check out a few of our favorite face masks.



Keeping It Classy

Black masks are now the little LBDs (little black dresses) of the mask world. If you like a more classic look, then you’ll love Onzie’s unisex black mask. Moisture-wicking and breathable, this mask is perfect for staying safe while working out in public spaces. Women and men enjoy this little black mask.


Velvet is In, Darlings

Velvet fabric is all the rage in today’s fashion. If you’ve embraced velvet, add Onzie’s black or white velvet mask into your collection. With its up-cycled activewear material and soft spandex straps, it can take your yoga wear to a whole new level. It’s also the perfect accessory for work or school.


Any Way You Rock It

A favorite at HYL is Onzie’s Black Star Face Cover because it can be worn three different ways. Prevent the spread of germs by wearing it as a mask in public. Keep warm during the winter days by wearing it as a scarf. Or, wrangle your hair into place while stretching on the mat by wearing it as a headband. An adjustable tie in the back gives this cover the perfect fit, no matter how you decide to wear it.


Onzie’s Mindfulness Initiative

It’s up to each one of us to do our part. Intentionally practice mindfulness and wear a mask. If you’re wishing to do more, consider shopping from Onzie. Their Mindful Mask initiative sends portions of proceeds to healthcare workers through the Center For Disaster Philanthropy. Onzie also donates thousands of masks to local hospitals. Masks are the new must-have fashion accessory – don’t miss out on these face masks that make a difference.


Mindful Masks by Onzie

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