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Surviving the Holidays One Yoga Pose at a Time

This holiday season brings a number of new challenges, but it also offers opportunities for new traditions, joys, and celebrations! If you’re feeling like you’re simply surviving the holiDAZE (with capital “daze”) this year, then check out our tips for making the most of the 2020 holiday season. From delicious mocktails to calming yoga poses, we have it all.


Keep Calm and Breathe On

With many of us unable to celebrate with our loved ones, we may be experiencing feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression. This is perfectly normal. When you’re feeling this way, practice left nostril breathing to calm your mind.


Simply cover your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in through your left nostril as deeply as you can. Then, breathe out through your left nostril. Repeat this breathing technique until you feel grounded in the present moment. We recommend paring this left nostril breathing practice with a yogi squat (or malasana).


Take Note of All You Accomplished

Our holiday To Do lists are long, and tasks often go unfinished. When you’re feeling frustrated, jot down a list of all your accomplishments. Focusing on the things you were able to complete that day will fill you with confidence and contentment rather than discouragement.


This practice also works great after a poor video call with your family. Did your aunt criticize your home’s decor? Did your mom judge your parenting skills? Create a list of your achievements throughout your lifetime. Are you proud of that A+ essay you wrote in college? Write it down. How about that time you made your friend laugh so hard she cried? Or when you were finally able to stretch into camel pose? Anything and everything goes here, friends. This simple exercise will turn your perspective around and help you replace your family’s false opinions with truths about yourself.


Twist Out Bloated Feelings

With so many delicious foods and treats during the holiday season, it’s all too easy to overeat. If your stomach is feeling bloated, twist it out with a few yoga poses. HYL suggests a revolved chair pose and a supine twist.


For revolved chair pose, start in chair pose with your hands together at your heart. Now, twist to your left, keeping the lower belly engaged. Hold this position for five deep breaths, return to center, and switch sides. This pose aids in digestion and helps relieve a bloated gut.


For a supine twist, lay on your back with your right knee pulled in toward your chest and your left leg out straight. With your right hand, guide your right knee toward the left side of your mat, over your left leg. Rest your right knee on the floor, if possible. Holding this pose maximizes intestinal flow, perfect after a night of holiday indulgences.


Ring in the New Year with Mocktails

Hooray! It’s the end of 2020. Time for a fresh start. During your virtual New Year’s Eve party, sip a mocktail instead of, or in addition to, your favorite alcoholic beverage.


To make a pomegranate mocktail, mix 100% pomegranate juice, lime juice, and sparkling water together, to taste. If you prefer your drinks less tart, stir in some orange juice to sweeten it up. Enjoy an immune boosting, digestion aiding, vitamin rich holiday drink!


Survive the Holidays with Yoga

This has been a whirlwind of a year. There have been incredible losses and hardships, but there have also been moments of celebration. When you reflect on this year, remember to take note of how much you have grown (because you have grown, friends, even if you don’t think so).


One of the best ways to connect with your inner spirit is through yoga. While it stretches out your body, it grounds your mind and gives you have a fresh perspective. This year you can survive the holidays by joining a virtual Health Yoga Life class from the comfort of your home. Tell your family you need only one hour to yourself, and join us at a time that works best for you. Even better, gather the whole family and practice yoga together!


Wherever life has landed you this holiday season, don’t stress out. This holiday survival guide can help you realize the strength you possess and inspire you to make the most of each moment. Happy Holidays!

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