6 Reasons To Do Online Yoga Teacher Training

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For all of us, the global pandemic has upended our lives to some degree. As we all find our new normal, you may be thinking about returning to your yoga practice. Or, perhaps, you’re thinking of chasing your dream to become a certified yoga instructor. How can you receive your training while staying healthy? Take an online yoga teacher training!


By training online, you’re able to learn in the comfort of your hOMe at a pace that fits your lifestyle. You’ll grow your own yoga practice, connect with your inner self, and learn essential yoga sequences and techniques. Discover why you should enroll in an online yoga teacher training program below.


You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

An online yoga teacher training course is right for you if you want to deepen your practice. You will grow in your yoga philosophy, postural practice, and skillful teachings. Through this program, you’ll ultimately experience spiritual, mental, and physical growth.


You Want to Learn Something New about YourSELF

By learning to become a yoga teacher, you will reconnect with your inner self and find your authentic voice. The mentors in the online program can help you discover the teaching style that best suits your skills and talents. This newfound awareness will remain with you on and off the mat.


You Want to Do Something for Yourself

During this pandemic, you’ve often put others before yourself. Spending a few minutes each day nourishing your physical and mental energies can help you decompress and build your confidence. Step back into your fitness routine, recommit to your yoga practice, and enroll in a yoga teacher training.


You Want to Build a Strong Community

If you enjoy the relationships garnered from practicing yoga face-to-face, you may be wary about the quality of relationships you’ll establish from practicing and teaching yoga online. While this can be a valid concern in certain situations, we’re here to reassure you. It is still possible to have a strong community experience in a virtual training session. You’ll receive support from mentors, and you’ll connect with and learn from peers across the world.


You Want to Teach Yoga

Finally, you should enroll in online yoga teacher training if you’re passionate about sharing your love for yoga. You’ve experienced the benefits of a strong yoga practice firsthand, and now you want to guide others in this same self-discovery. An online program can help you become a certified yoga instructor right now, wherever you are in life.


How Health Yoga Life Can Help Grow Your Career in Yoga

At Health Yoga Life, we believe anyone in their journey – from novice students to experienced practitioners – can learn something new from teaching online yoga. Our unique program is certified by the Yoga Alliance and provides real-time virtual interactions with trainers. In this program, you’ll have access to eight different modules of seminars, workshops, assignments, and readings. What’s best about Health Yoga Life’s yoga certification program is that it can be completed anywhere at your own pace.


Through Health Yoga Life’s program, you will learn more than just how to teach yoga. You’ll learn how to build a strong online community and discover the principles of running a yoga business. As you train, remember that teaching yoga, much like practicing it, is taking one step at a time. That’s why we encourage you to believe in the power of the process.


Step onto Your Virtual Mat

There is no guarantee that the disruptions caused by the pandemic are going to come to an end any time soon. So why wait? Join Health Yoga Life’s fun, inclusive, and friendly training community. No matter where you are in your practice, you’ll benefit from a supportive online learning environment.

Go for your choices!

When we desire a change in our life, we need to realize that goals are only part of it.  The real change happens from our choices.  Life is a series of choices.  Whatever you are choosing is what your life becomes. Your choices produce outcomes that bring about your current experience of your body, your mood, your energy, your spirit, etc.

HYL yoga teacher training

Here’s a list of some of the choices I have made along the way that I can honestly say changed my life.

  1. Trying yoga for the first time (I still remember my very first class)
  2. Committing to my self-growth with 1:1 HYL Coaching. There is a way out of feeling stuck.
  3. Giving up Diet Coke, processed foods, and junk. Food is fuel.
  4. Starting a company with powerhouse females (my 3 sisters and mom)
  5. Meditating every day.
  6. Ditching the confines of what I thought my profession should look like.
  7. Letting go of my fear that certain things aren’t for me

Explore your choices.  What are you choosing now that is or isn’t supporting the life you truly want?

If you want a deeper connection to knowing yourself, your body and shaping your daily choices, consider the Health Yoga Life Yoga Teacher Training.

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Mostly Live!

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. So today is the right day to love, believe, and mostly live!”-Dalai Lama


As the year begins, why not decide that this is the year to be present. Action happens in the now.   You can’t act in the past or act in the future. As you act in the present life moves forward, there is energy!  Yoga, meditation and HYL coaching are tools that can help you learn to build resolve to stay present in body and mind.  Only the negative mind takes you to the past or the future where the old records of limiting beliefs play: “I couldn’t” “I’m not worthy” “I am afraid”!  In the present you are whole, capable and ready.  This allows you to make choices that align with your true self.

Yoga teacher training is an amazing opportunity for growth and transformation. Do you love yoga? Do you want to learn more about this amazing philosophy and practice? Ready to empower your true self, gain confidence, build community, and strengthen your body?

Free Info Session Saturday at 12:30

Free info session! Come chat with Aida, co-founder and a lead faculty of the yoga teacher training this Saturday at the Boston studio at 12:30. Please email yogatt@healthyogalife.com if you plan to attend or have questions.

Looking for Balance? Choose It!

These days we have so many things to distract us, it’s easy to forget what is truly important to us!  It can feel like we are being pulled in thousands of directions.  This way and that.

So how can we find that elusive quality- BALANCE so many of us are searching for?

YOU CHOOSE! That’s how.  I distinctly remember when I started practicing yoga I started making more true choices and sometimes those felt scary at first.

For example one of the scariest choices for this recovering Type-A personality to make, was choosing to leave work early to make a yoga class I loved.  I had to leave 15 minutes before the customary end of day, otherwise I would miss the class.  This was a tough one. Every time I got up to leave I feared I would get yelled at by my boss or at least get criticized. I could feel the sneers from my colleagues as I walked by them and out the door.

But you know what I came to find out. No one really cared! Besides a few sarcastic remarks, there really was no issue. I was a great employee and a great co-worker. And the ones that smirked, what they actually felt, I think, was disappointment in themselves.  And as we know it’s much easier to be mad at someone else than be upset with yourself.

Start practicing the right choices for yourself and see, you just might find what you have been looking for!

EmpowerUP :  “I align my choices with my desires and take action”. 

Join us for our Boston  fall yoga teacher training   It’s not too late! Choose Now!  Read all about our training including weekend dates CLICK HERE.  Don’t worry if you have to miss a day or a weekend.  We work with you to make up the missed time.

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Are you asking for the life you want?- by Vyda Bielkus

There is a little image that goes around social media every once in a while. (See below)  It shows one small circle and an arrow pointing to it saying “Your Comfort Zone” and then another large circle saying “Where the Magic Happens”.  There is an awful lot of truth to the idea.  So much of what we want to create cannot, by any means, get created in the space where things are no longer challenging us.


When I was young girl, I remember a conversation I had with my mother.  I looked up to my mom (I still do).  There were many reasons to look up to her. Not only did she have four kids she also had her own business.  And on top of that she had a vibrant social/family life.  And still on top of that she exercised and took care of herself and meditated!  Did she make it look easy and effortless?  In a way yes, because she made it look like a hell of a lot of fun!  On one of those days when she was beaming from ear to ear, I asked her, “how did you get this full and fun life?”.  I was curious.  What was it that created all this joy that she had for living?  And she answered me, “When I was little, just like you, I prayed to God not to give me a boring life.”

Boy, were her prayers answered.  This simple message stayed with me long after she first said it to me.  No I didn’t become an adrenaline junkie (no jumping out of airplanes required), but I did understand that if I wanted to live into my potential I had to move away from inertia and toward that which at first maybe perceived as unsettling.  Often to this day when things seem a bit overwhelming or seem like the things happening at a given time couldn’t possibly be happening all at once, we often joke to each other “at least it’s not a boring life”.

It takes courage to be in a state of change and transformation.  It takes more courage to ask for it, to sign up for it, to seek it.  But it is precisely in those moments of being prodded, pushed, challenged that the truth of who you are rises to the occasion and the soul grows.  It’s precisely the experience and feeling of being “where the magic happens.”

Ready for a little more magic in your life, consider our teaching training!  Yoga asana (posture practice) is an amazing body transformer.  The other areas of yoga philosophy are potent life transformers!

If you have questions if our program is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We want to help you get to the right choice for you!  Email yogatt@healthyogalife.com or call 857-350-4124. Chat with a lead faculty today!

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Want to be happy? Learn more!-by Vyda Bielkus

Did you know learning something new increases your feeling of happiness?  As we engage our minds and bodies in a new endeavor, we feed our spirit with new insight which expands our consciousness.  This creates a feeling of contentment and well-being that is hard to find otherwise.



“People who are intensely absorbed in a task can lose track of time and place. Hours pass like minutes. They may be tired by the task but emerge energized and happy. This condition is known as “flow,” a name coined 30 years ago by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi” (US News and World Report article http://bit.ly/1fazjNq)

Fascinating coincidence that the yoga we practice at the Beacon Hill yoga studio and teach in our yoga teacher trainings is called vinyasa or flow!  Our teacher training is designed to help you learn not only a ton about yoga but also about yourself.   Join us for our winter Boston Yoga Teacher Training and jump start a lifelong commitment to self-study.

It is guaranteed to give you the skills and confidence to have more personal satisfaction with daily living.  Yoga teacher training is a deeply rewarding process as you shed old limiting beliefs and are supported for true transformation. 

Kick start the year! There is still time to register for the 8 Weekend Boston Training.

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Small Choice-Big Change!-by Vyda Bielkus

What is better than a little humor to uplift the spirit! This New Yorker cartoon does the trick.

NYT Cartoon

Wouldn’t most of us find it awesome to be making money “while wearing at T-shirt and sweatpants”? At one point in my life, I realized that my job (long hours, no value of work/life balance) and my desire for health were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I had had enough, and I was only 25.

Yoga was the only time during my busy week that I felt like I could breathe! As the yoga worked its magic, I started to wake up. I started to make changes. Soon I found myself in yoga teacher training and started moving away from wearing suits and heels every day to wearing yoga pants and being barefoot!

My quality of life soared. I’m not saying I didn’t have some bumps along the way as I transitioned my life, but I have never regretted my choice.

Make one small choice this end of the year for yourself. Whatever that is. A small choice empowers change. I chose health. My career came from that choice. Notice I didn’t say I want a new job. The choice matters to manifest your dreams.

To your health!

P.S.  Tuesday night, December 8, at the studio I will be answering your questions about yoga teacher training at 8:45pm. It’s free. Join me. Email me at yogatt@healthyogalife.com.

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Conquering the Mountains of the Mind-by Vyda Bielkus

I am, no doubt, a city girl. I love the grit, the people, the commotion, and hustle and bustle, city living offers my active mind. However every few months I find myself desperate to get into the outdoors. Space. Like John Muir, founder of The Sierra Club, so greatly said “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

Luckily, as an entrepreneur and yoga teacher, I am able to create opportunities to do just that. Right now, I find myself leading a 2 week yoga teacher training at Stratton Resort in Vermont. When I close my eyes at night to sleep, the quiet is almost so shocking that it almost keeps me awake. There is no blare of sirens in the distance or chatter of voices on the streets. There is the just the faint sound of well, nothing. And there is something so magical about it. So healing indeed that it does feel like my spirit is being rinsed clean of the grime of daily life.

Today all the participants and I hiked up the glorious mountain and with each step, each huff and puff, up the vertical terrain, our legs grew stronger and are hearts more open. There is just something about being in nature that eases the soul. Even Deepak Chopra in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, talks about the importance of spending time in nature.


This hike reminded me of all the personal challenges we each face. The struggles that we build up in the mind to be huge mountains. When hiking if you look up you automatically panic, “how am I going to get from here to way up there?” we ask ourselves.

What I realized today is that if you stay present, the mountain is only an illusion. If you look at where you are, where your feet are actually on the earth, you realize that spot is flat. When you make yourself present to the moment you are in, the challenge, although might still be there, is suddenly much less daunting. Fear slips away in that very instant and you can absolutely conquer the mountain. One foot in front of the other, one precious present moment at a time, you will quickly find yourself at the top.

Ready to enjoy a little more presence in your daily life? Looking to decrease fear of the future or attachment to the past? Check out some of the ways our offerings can meet your needs!

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Top 5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training! -by Vyda Bielkus

  1. You will learn about correct and healthy yoga alignment for your body!

There is really no better way to learn about your own yoga practice.  The yoga teacher training will teach you techniques that are hard to understand simply from taking classes. Not only will your body become stronger but your mind-body connection will grow.  When this happens your practice completely shifts.

  1. You will become more confident in life!

When learning something new we are challenged in a good way.  This is because in order to grow we must be challenged otherwise we would stay exactly the same.  Often when we feel challenged, our good old friend fear can show up and try to take us out of experiencing what exists just beyond the fear. The yoga teacher training environment is designed to help you see that you can instead dance with your fear.  Fear can often keep us from taking action.  By learning to feel fear as a normal sensation that arises you can begin to tame it so that the fear doesn’t take over and stop you from realizing your goals and dreams.

  1. You will make new friends and strengthen your current relationships!

Yoga teacher training lets you be part of a group of like-minded people.  Because you are all together experiencing the same things, you are reminded that we are much more alike than we are different.  Also as you go through the training you learn to have more compassion with yourself and others.  As you practice having more intimacy and honesty with yourself and the group, you are able to bring those skills to current relationships.


  1. You will learn new things about yourself!

So much of yoga is about learning about what makes your tick.  A yoga teacher training provides opportunity for self-reflection and to deepen your own awareness.  Awareness is power.  Through having more knowledge about yourself and your body you can take right action for change.

  1. You will learn how to express your true self!

Unless you were on the debate team, learning to communicate effectively, meaningfully, and truthfully may not be natural to you.  Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs and values we have about ourselves. Teacher Training can be the first time we begin to evaluate our belief and behaviors. As you go through training, you can begin to shed the patterns that no longer work and more accurately tune into you, who you truly are!

  1. And one more for good luck! Add more meaning to your professional life!

Whether you pursue yoga teaching as a career or add to your current professional life, teaching yoga enriches your life. You get to share what you love to do with others. You continue to learn about yoga and yourself through teaching.   Of course, the skills you learn in teacher training will help you get started as a yoga teacher, but they can also enhance your current professional skill set allowing you to meet with long-term career success and satisfaction.



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