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Fall into Yoga! – By Liz Swenton

Finally! My favorite season has arrived. Pumpkin spice everything, mums, cooler air and of course, hot yoga! There really is nothing better than leaving work at 5:30 on a crisp, autumn evening, just in time for a 5:45 power class at Health Yoga Life.

sunrise1Call me crazy but I really look forward to those evenings. There are even some nights where you can see the sunset from the studio windows.

There’s just something about “starting fresh” when the air turns fresh. Yoga is the perfect outlet to achieve these new beginnings.

And here are my three favorite poses/parts of class that I look forward to most in the fall:

  • Child’s Pose – The perfect adjective for me to describe summer is rushed. We’re constantly trying to find time to go on vacation, go to the beach, have a BBQ, etc. that I often feel we lose our breath and our way. Child’s pose is one of my favorite ways to catch a breath and get back on track.
  • Warrior One – I am the biggest HYL offender of having my shoulders creep up to my ears in various poses. As a computer warrior, I spend my day typing away and can feel the stress build up hour by hour. Warrior One is my favorite pose to help me practice bringing my shoulders down my back. This is especially important as the weather gets colder…the shoulders go higher!
  • Pyramid – The flip flops have officially made their way into storage and the boots are about to make their debut. One of my favorite looks is jeans with knee-length boots, which can wreak havoc on your calves and shins. Pyramid is an amazing stretch for your entire leg!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class at HYL today and fall into yoga.

Set Out on the Journey of a Lifetime-by Vyda Bielkus

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.-Joseph Campbell

I know reading blogs we just hurry along, whiz through, and see if there is anything pertinent in the post that we need to know right now.  Well indulge me for a second, let me put the above quote to you again, this time read it and just sit with it for a moment. And, see if you can observe your reaction to it.

 The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Depending on where you are in life, you might have different reactions to this quote.  If you feel at ease, things are probably going just as they should; you are enjoying your life and feel like you are living authentically.  However, if you at all feel unaligned in how your external life lines up with your internal desires and dreams, then this quote might bring up feelings of anger, shame, or fear.  If you feel financially strapped, you might have the reaction that the “privileged” are the only ones who have the money to be who they truly desire to be (all in there cute lululemon).  If you feel stuck in some part of your true expression of where you are in life, you might be asking the question, but how do I do this exactly? How do I get clear on who I am so that I could have the energy and happiness I see others beam?

In my journey of becoming more of who I am, I have noticed some very critical steps along the way

 1.    Be Open

Learn to be inquisitive and curious.  Start to notice where your interests take you.  Look for new experiences; ask for them.  Reaffirm your openness by trying something new. Have courage.

2.    Be Okay with Uncertainty

Stop controlling your life and others.  See uncertainty as possibility.  Have faith that your needs will be met.  Be excited by change.

 3.    Svadhyaya- Self-Study (one of yoga’s niyama’s(self-disciplines))

Engage in an active practice of yoga and meditation to know the self.  Learn to quiet the mind to be able to hear inner wisdom.  Get coaching to reflect and take action on your dreams. Stop listening to the negative mind.  Let go of destructive habits.  Make peace with your past.  Act with commitment to your own inner knowing.

Taking part of our yoga teacher training is an opportunity for deep self-study.  Students who join us for the training do not leave the same person.  They leave having become more of who they are!

There is still time. Snag one of the last few spots in our fall yoga teacher training! CLICK HERE to register.

Got questions? Have a Lead Faculty call you back and tell you about the training CLICK HERE

Learn more about the Boston Yoga Teacher  Training: CLICK HERE

We offer payment plans, and if you need to miss a session don’t worry we will work with you to make up the missed time.

Happy Baby – By Liz Swenton

I’m a firm believer that introducing physical activity at an early age sets one up for a stress-free and happy life as an adult. By incorporating fitness into a child’s daily routine, they’ll have a greater chance of yearning for a healthy lifestyle through the teenage years and beyond.

There are so many activities perfect for youngsters, such as dance (I started when I was three), soccer and of course yoga.

Last summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Health Yoga Life’s Mindful Monkeys kids yoga camp and it was so much fun to see the children engaged and excited. This year, Mindful Monkeys runs from Monday, July 21st to Friday, July 25th from 9 am to 12 pm.

Led by one of the HYL founding sisters, Aida Bielkus, children will participate in yoga, wellness and creativity exercises, boosting self-esteem and mind-body awareness.

If you and your child are looking for something different this summer, Mindful Monkeys is perfect! Register today and give your child the gift of wellness.

Photo Credit – Angelo, who just turned 8 months, in his favorite pose – happy baby!

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga on Monday Morning – By Liz Swenton

What’s the first thing you do on Monday morning? Let me guess, think about your to-do list for the day and week? Worry if you’re going to get everything done? Contemplate staying in bed a few more hours?

Put all of those thoughts aside and roll out your yoga mat!

HYL Retreat Image 2I’m a morning person and have been practicing yoga at 6:30 am on Monday for almost two years now. Let me share with you the five benefits of why Monday morning yoga practice rocks.

1. Set an intention – At the beginning of class, typically teachers ask you to set an intention for your practice. This could be something personal, something for someone else, or just a spot you want to send a little extra love. When yoga is the first thing you do on Monday, it allows you to set an intention for the entire week. During class this morning with Sara, I dedicated the practice to myself and will not allow myself to get upset or stressed over something I cannot control.

2. Fire up the core – There’s nothing better than a Monday morning detox to wring out the toxins from the weekend. Through a series of twists, you’ll fire up the core and help aid digestion for the week to come. But since you’re all yogis, I know you don’t eat burgers, fries and pizza.

3. Open your heart – By practicing at the start of your week, you’re opening your heart to new possibilities. Sara taught us this morning that the audible “hah” means to open your heart and let love in. Think “aloha!” So when you’re in downward dog, say “hah” and let love in.

4. Burst of energy – Back bends are a calorie-free way to send some extra energy to your body. Yoga poses like camel, bridge and wheel are great ways to send a java jolt to your entire body, preparing yourself for the week.

5. Let go – Yoga is a great way to lose the ego, lose the to-do list and just let go. By doing this first thing on Monday, you’re setting yourself up for success from the very beginning. The hardest part really is making it to your yoga mat, and it’s such an accomplishment to get there on a Monday at 6:30 am.

So what are you doing next Monday?

Hope to see you on your mat at 6:30 am with Sara Packard leading us through a vigorous, yet calming yoga practice. Trust me, there really is nothing better than doing Sun Salutations as the sun is rising at the beginning of the week.

Celebrate Sisters – August 4th is National Sister Day!

Growing up as one of four sisters, we were often referred to as one unit-the girls.  My aunt would ask my mom, “oh how are the girls?” or the waiter at the restaurant would say “what would the girls like tonight?”  The truth is I could not imagine my life without being part of this very special group of women.  They are my best friends, and now even my partners in business.  Our business Health Yoga Life started precisely because we are sisters.  It was on our sister power that we took a risk and started our business.   If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, sisters together can move the universe!

It was not until this year that I learned that there was an actual National Sister Day; a whole day to celebrate the women in our lives that help make us better people.  What fun!  For me celebrating my sisters is celebrating the very essence of the best thing we get to experience on this planet and that is love. When I have faced fear in my life, it is because of my sisters that I overcame.  When I have felt broken hearted, it is because of my sisters that I have dared love again.  When I have questioned my own strength, it is because of my sisters that I remember that “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” When I have lost my own will, it is because of my sisters that I connect back to my power.   Love heals all.  And if you have a sister, or sisters, or a friend who epitomizes the essence of sister in your life, you know just how blessed you are that you are able to have this kind of love, support and surround you.

Our studio and our life coaching work that we do with others has grown out of this love we share for each other.  We want all our clients to feel that they are welcomed like a sister would welcome someone with care, integrity, and without condition.

This Sunday, August 4th, the four sisters behind Health Yoga Life want to celebrate with you.   All day Sunday bring a sister, loved one or friend who is the epitome of sister in your life and her class is on us, free of charge!

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday for one of these great classes:

  • 10 am – Power ‘n Flow
  • 4 pm – Groove ‘n Flow
  • 5:45 pm – Restore ‘n Restart

Simply come to the studio, conveniently located at the corner of Cambridge and Temple Street in Beacon Hill, together and you get to go “two for the price of one!”

As part of giving back to our amazing community of students and the community at large, we are always offering specials and promotions so just ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay informed.