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Treat Your Self – To A Green Drink Smoothie

Health Yoga Life Online Green Drink Recipe

With the global pandemic, there’s been a lot of focus on mental health – and rightly so! But we wanted to give you a little reminder today to care for your internal health as well. With a healthy recipe, organic or local fruits and veggies, and a high-powered blender, you can create dozens of scrumptious, nutritious smoothies and juices.

Our family here at Health Yoga Life has been making green drink smoothies with our Vitamix 5200 for over a decade! Check out this video of our co-founder, Siga Bielkus, sharing her favorite green drink recipe back in 2011.

Since then, we’ve perfected this recipe Siga created. We’ve removed all sweet ingredients (like carrots and apples) that can increase blood sugar so that everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions, can enjoy our green drink. Did you know two of our co-founders have Type 1 diabetes? We know they are not alone, and that’s why we made this recipe accessible to everyone.

Friends, treat yourself to a green drink today with a Vitamix 5200! This universal tool is perfect for making large batches and can provide you with any texture you enjoy most! Make anything and everything from smoothies to soups.

For today’s green drink, follow these steps:
  1. Add the following ingredients to the Vitamix 5200 blender after thoroughly washing them (check out Siga’s YouTube video for tips for washing greens):
    • Leaves off stalks of kale
    • Chard (or collard greens)
    • (2) Organic peeled cucumbers
    • Parsley off the stem
    • Peeled lime
    • Bit of peeled ginger
    • Lots of filtered water
    • Optional: Dandelion
Helpful Tip:

Be sure to keep all the stems for vegetable stock (which we’ll discuss in an upcoming Treat Your Self post).


  1. With the Vitamix 5200, start off at a low speed then gradually increase to the fastest speed. Allow it to blend for several seconds at the fastest speed to let everything emulsify.
  2. Once all the ingredients are well blended, pour the drink into a large pitcher for storing.
  3. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you want to use up all your greens!


Bonus Tip:

At HYL we drink a lot of KeVita and kombucha, and we’ve found their reusable glass bottles to be a great space-saver in the fridge! With a funnel, simply transfer the green drink from the pitcher to the bottles.


Thank you for joining us today! Keep an eye out for the next HYL Treat Your Self. Remember, treat your internal health lovingly, friends!

If you try our green drink, we would love to know! Tag us on social media:

Instagram: @healthyogalife

Twitter: @HYLtweets

Facebook: @HealthYogaLife

Ah-mazing Grass! Review by HYL Sister: Zara

Chocolate in its foundational form per se, is seemingly not so bad for us. Instead, it is all the additives (oils, dehydrated milk solids, salt, or even hydrogenated fats-double gross!) which turn cocoa into various chocolate snacks that are bad for us.

Normally when I need a chocolate fix I reach for a sliver of extra dark, at least 85% chocolate, or even better some raw chocolate. And it normally makes me feel happy to skip dessert. But then there are the times when all I want is a thick, chocolate milkshake to bring me back to the days of sitting on a chair when my feet still didn’t reach the floor – enjoying a glass of Ovaltine with grandma. But now that I am tall enough to reach the cupboards I have found a brilliant thing to stock them with… Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Chocolate plus a whole lot more!

For someone who can’t (or for those who choose not to) tolerate dairy, it is the creamy, frothy answer to a brilliantly healthy ‘milkshake’.  Packed with super greens, detox and digestive enzymes I call it my SuperShake! When pressed for time, I like the fact I can take in some micro-nutrients quickly to feel more balanced. Plus, I can’t always get my hands on wheat/barley grass or the load of other goodies in this powder.

Anyone who owns a Vitamixer,  or ‘juices’ with other equipment, knows the importance of a fresh cup of green stuff; but getting two pounds of kale, parsley, apples and spirulina into an 8 oz glass, and getting it to taste tolerable, frankly takes a bit of time. Amazing Grass products are the answer for when you don’t have time to buy, wash, blitz and clean.

Your diet doesn’t have to suffer on the days when you have one arm through your jacket, a toothbrush precariously in your mouth, and the directions of where you were meant to be 10 minutes ago evaporate. An empty water bottle, some soy, oat or whatever milk you like, a scoop of this green-chocolaty goodness and you’re off! Energizing and light I love it between meals when I feel a bit peckish but don’t want too many calories, like before yoga class or a shiatsu. The best is that the taste is smooth because it mixes up really easily. It makes me feel hydrated, nourished, and very simply: great!

The Amazing Grass team seem to also understand it is the times when we are not near our Vitamixer that we need a substitute, as they make these convenient sachets, which I swear by when travelling.

Evidently there are heaps of other flavours. Evidently some people don’t like chocolate. Yeah…um…loss for words.

Amazing Grass