HYL Sister Review:  Ironing it out! No Binding for Belly Here!

As a woman who is primarily vegetarian (I eat fish occasionally), I suffer from low iron in my blood.  Having low iron levels is literally a real drag. You feel sluggish, tired, and lack energy for normal activities. It can make exercising feel much harder, cause brittle nails and pale skin.  Low levels can also cause hair loss. The list of symptoms for iron deficiency is long and unpleasant. Causes of iron deficiency are varied, including but not limited to menstruation, diet, genetics, pregnancy.

At yearly check-ups, my doctor would tell me to take iron supplements to help increase my iron levels.  Every pill I popped I stopped taking.  Why?  Because iron can bind you belly and constipate you.   There is nothing worse.  I used to think the only choice was either a sluggish body or a sluggish belly.  Then I found  MegaFoods Blood Builder, and my iron levels increased with no digestions changes.  I have been taking it once a day in the morning after breakfast for years now.   My iron levels are normal.  My energy levels are normal.  It is the only iron supplement I have ever been able to tolerate.  It even includes some vitamin c which aides iron absorption.


Megafood makes it supplements form whole foods fruit and vegetable sources.   With Megafoods headquarters right over the border in New Hampshire, we Boston based yoga sisters love spreading the word about this New England company.  We trust their products so much we have recently added them to our boutique at the Health Yoga Life studio in Beacon Hill.