6 Reasons To Do Online Yoga Teacher Training

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For all of us, the global pandemic has upended our lives to some degree. As we all find our new normal, you may be thinking about returning to your yoga practice. Or, perhaps, you’re thinking of chasing your dream to become a certified yoga instructor. How can you receive your training while staying healthy? Take an online yoga teacher training!


By training online, you’re able to learn in the comfort of your hOMe at a pace that fits your lifestyle. You’ll grow your own yoga practice, connect with your inner self, and learn essential yoga sequences and techniques. Discover why you should enroll in an online yoga teacher training program below.


You Want to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

An online yoga teacher training course is right for you if you want to deepen your practice. You will grow in your yoga philosophy, postural practice, and skillful teachings. Through this program, you’ll ultimately experience spiritual, mental, and physical growth.


You Want to Learn Something New about YourSELF

By learning to become a yoga teacher, you will reconnect with your inner self and find your authentic voice. The mentors in the online program can help you discover the teaching style that best suits your skills and talents. This newfound awareness will remain with you on and off the mat.


You Want to Do Something for Yourself

During this pandemic, you’ve often put others before yourself. Spending a few minutes each day nourishing your physical and mental energies can help you decompress and build your confidence. Step back into your fitness routine, recommit to your yoga practice, and enroll in a yoga teacher training.


You Want to Build a Strong Community

If you enjoy the relationships garnered from practicing yoga face-to-face, you may be wary about the quality of relationships you’ll establish from practicing and teaching yoga online. While this can be a valid concern in certain situations, we’re here to reassure you. It is still possible to have a strong community experience in a virtual training session. You’ll receive support from mentors, and you’ll connect with and learn from peers across the world.


You Want to Teach Yoga

Finally, you should enroll in online yoga teacher training if you’re passionate about sharing your love for yoga. You’ve experienced the benefits of a strong yoga practice firsthand, and now you want to guide others in this same self-discovery. An online program can help you become a certified yoga instructor right now, wherever you are in life.


How Health Yoga Life Can Help Grow Your Career in Yoga

At Health Yoga Life, we believe anyone in their journey – from novice students to experienced practitioners – can learn something new from teaching online yoga. Our unique program is certified by the Yoga Alliance and provides real-time virtual interactions with trainers. In this program, you’ll have access to eight different modules of seminars, workshops, assignments, and readings. What’s best about Health Yoga Life’s yoga certification program is that it can be completed anywhere at your own pace.


Through Health Yoga Life’s program, you will learn more than just how to teach yoga. You’ll learn how to build a strong online community and discover the principles of running a yoga business. As you train, remember that teaching yoga, much like practicing it, is taking one step at a time. That’s why we encourage you to believe in the power of the process.


Step onto Your Virtual Mat

There is no guarantee that the disruptions caused by the pandemic are going to come to an end any time soon. So why wait? Join Health Yoga Life’s fun, inclusive, and friendly training community. No matter where you are in your practice, you’ll benefit from a supportive online learning environment.

5 Reasons Why Every 19 Year Old Should Take a Yoga Teacher Training. Guest post by Nicole Hicks

Oh yes. I said it. Just like we all read Shakespeare in high school and learned how to make mac n’ cheese in the microwave, I believe that a yoga teacher training (like the one I experienced) should be added to the list of must-do things for all people under twenty. Here’s why:

  1. At 19 you’re just figuring out who you are. It’s better to dive in deep now than when you’re 45 and have to break all of the habits and stereotypes you’ve been working with for so long (not that teacher training isn’t a great thing to do at 45!). Wouldn’t it have been easier to develop your sense of self when you were 19 and had lots of time to mull it over? The path of self-discovery should be introduced to more young people – perhaps the concept of a mid-life crisis could disappear.
  2. Yoga teaches you how to live. But really. Just the physical practice (asana) can help you learn to deal with stress on and off of the mat; not to mention the other seven limbs of yoga that most people forget even exist. Signs of stress, peer pressure, and judgemental attitudes become pretty universal by the time kids are in third grade. Now 19 years old seems a bit late to start a deep yoga practice, doesn’t it? Yoga gives us ways to cope and even avoid the plague of negative feelings that many adults unfortunately consider normal. The younger you learn, the better!
  3. Change is permanent, and any yoga teacher will tell you this. At 19, most people are experiencing dramatic upheavals (moving away from home, starting college, deciding on a career, etc.) and need to be told this. Change is natural and necessary. Life will go on, I promise.
  4. Learning to be open and present will change your life“Hellz no” you say. “I’m fine, thank you,” you say. And that is how being closed just kept you from taking a yoga teacher training and meeting wonderful people. Being open to new ideas is the only way we can grow into our authentic selves. Like everything else, it’s best to start this when you’re young, so you can practice keeping an open mind and heart for the remainder of your life! Being present is incredibly hard to do too – right now you’re probably half reading this article, checking facebook on your cell phone, and pretending to listen to your friend who’s telling you a story. With the insane amount of distractions adolescents face today, it’s easy to get lost in “la la land” (yes, I know, I’m a victim of it too). Teacher training will give you the tools to be present when you’re teaching a class of yogis, and that skill sticks with you outside of the classroom.
  5. Most importantly, you will learn to be authentically you. Any yoga teacher will tell you that one of the highest compliments you can receive is that you taught a class authentically. Being authentic, or “real,” is something that many of us struggle with as we try to figure out just who we really are. What better way to start your adult life than by learning who you are, and how to present that true-you to others?
  6. I know I promised just five reasons, but this one is good – You’ll learn really cool things like how to do a headstand, how to avoid that nickname for Massachusetts drivers, and what breath of fire (pronounced: BREATH OF FIYAHHHH) is and how to do it.

(This picture may or may not be an accurate representation…)

To learn more about the 200-hour teacher training course that I  took, check out www.healthyogalife.com!

5 Reasons to Consider Yoga Teacher Training – by Vyda Bielkus

IF  you have been considering yoga teacher training, now is the perfect time to leap!  Our Boston Yoga Teacher Training Spring/Summer session kicks of April 27!  In just 8 quick weekends you would be a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher.   Read about 5 great reasons to join us!

1.       Deepen your relationship with yourself!

Few experiences in life give us the opportunity to really explore what we are made of.  The Health Yoga Life Teacher Training is designed to bring out the most true YOU!  Self-inquiry and self-reflection are important for helping us shine both in our lives and as yoga teachers.  Yoga is an all-encompassing journey into the self.   By the end of training you will be your own best cheerleader.

2.       Strengthen your yoga practice!

Two classes per weekend, practice teaching and classes during the week. Health Yoga Life’s Boston Yoga Teacher Training concentrates on teaching you proper alignment and healthy modifications for various body types. Your body will change and your practice will transform.

3.       Earn more income!

A great reason to take a training is the desire to change your career or add to what you are already doing.  The demand for yoga teachers continues to grow.  For well-trained good teachers the demand is even higher.  Get trained. Get teaching. Start making mula.

4.       Learn strategies to make life work for you!

Improved public speaking.  Increased intimacy with others.   Honed communication skills. Changed habits.  All of these and many more outcomes await you.  Yoga is so much more than just the practice of asana (physical postures).  Come find out about how ancient principles when applied today can unleash the magic in your life.

5.       Connect with like-minded people!

“‘Cause you’ve got to have friends.”-Better Middler.  Each teacher training group is incredibly unique and brings together people from various walks of life.   Here is an opportunity to connect with others who share your same interests.  These friendships (and professional network) will last long after the training completes.

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