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I love Lucy / Review by HYL Sister: Aida

I was recently given a Lucy Activeware yoga outfit by my sister Siga, who got it as part of a goodie bag at an evening event. Specifically included were the Dashing Dots Space Dye Tight pants and the Dashing Dots tank top.

Besides my first impression, which was that this was a very generous goodie bag, I also have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the clothes.

The first time I put on the pants the first thing I felt was comfort and gentle support. They are made of a combination of nylon, polyester and Lycra and they have hit the fabric combination jackpot. I have now worn them once a week for a couple months. And they have performed great. They do whisk the sweat away until of course I am drenched through in a heated class, yet even then they do not feel sticky. I like that they are tight to the legs. This beats the old style pant that hangs with all kinds of extra fabric you don’t know what to do with. And I like that they made a little bit of a seem right at the ankle so that the pant leg does not creep all the way up around my calf.

The tank top is comfortable as well. The inner bra is adjustable! How many times have you put on a yoga top and not been able to breath? I let the inner bra detach from the inside on both sides and that gives me plenty of room to breathe. The tank has just enough fabric. It fits the body and flatters the body – well cut.

I have now worn the whole outfit once a week for the past couple of months and it has washed and dried easily. The materials reflect that they have been created with thoughtful technology. Having had this outfit I am ready to purchase another, as the costs are reasonable when compared with other retailers. Taking a look at their website I am impressed with the colors, prints and other styles. Besides yoga they also carry running and training styles. I look forward to padding my yoga wear wardrobe with some Lucy! Dashing Dot Pant and Tank

Via Prive, Lotus Yoga Pant / Review by HYL Sister: Aida

Sweat, style, and options are the top three reasons why Via Prive’s “Lotus Pant” has become a staple, go-to yoga pant.


Our standing family joke is, “Aida like’s a buffet!” I just can’t help myself: it is so fun to have options! The Via Prive Lotus Pant gives me options. You can wear it straight legged or unzip the hot-pink zippers on the back of the legs to let it breath into a meshed wide leg flare! Love that.

As a straight legged pant I can throw on pashmina and do some holiday window shopping. With the flare I’m hanging on the sofa sipping some hot coco.  I have used both straight and flared depending on the day, and sometimes both ways in one day. It is just plain fun to change it up.

Sweat is an essential element of my yoga practice.  And I mean ring it out!  And Via Prive’s QuadraCore™ 4-way stretch fabric not only lands on my body the way I want it to, it truly does whisk the detox from the body. The fabric feels incredibly light yet it holds its shape smooth, hugging and flowing down my body wash after wash.  Even when the zipper is open into the flare you don’t feel like you are wearing the weight of the Liberty Bell around your ankles.

Looking good makes me feel good. Period.  The cuteness factor of these pants is high. I love the little touches. A hot pink waist band at my belly, the OM sign logo on the calf, and the Navy for something different. I put them on and immediately the “I feel pretty” West Side Story sound track plays in my head. This feeling inspires me to get up and go, kick my leg a little higher in three legged dog or smile a little longer at the cute cashier at Whole Foods.  Via Prive has combined fashion that makes you feel pretty with highly functional athletic wear.

Because of cause, Via Prive donates clothing to a child in need for every order received, definitely my new go-to.

The style reviewed here is the  Lotus Pant.