5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Morning Mood!

Some of us are morning people and feel totally ready to go at the first crack of sun rays. Others of us feel most productive burning the midnight oil. Nonetheless, most of us probably have jobs or family obligations that require us to be ready to go in the morning.  Here are 5 easy tips to help improve your morning mood and make you a morning person!

  1. Set the tone for your day! Like a music tuner will set the right pitch, it’s important to use your mind to set your vibe for the day. Before you get out of bed and before you reach for your phone, right when you wake up it’s important to visualize and mentally repeat a positive statement that resonates with you. It will set your mood for the morning and the day. There is this wonderful time upon waking when the mind is not fully thinking, program it with something like: “All my needs are met.” “I am empowered in all my conversations.” “I engage positively with everyone in my life.”
  2. Don’t even think about pressing the snooze button!  Although you might think you need those extra few minutes, your body will feel groggier than simply waking up when you first wake up.  You don’t have to necessarily jump right out of bed.  As mentioned above try to meditate a little, but hitting snooze messes up your sleep patterns and can actually make you feel more tired.
  3. Hits of citrus! Squeeze ½ a lemon in 8oz. of water. Drink right upon waking. It will immediately activate your digestion and start the process of awakening the body from a sleep state. Put grapefruit essential oil into your favorite fragrance-free body wash. Perks the senses right up and will make you feel energized.
  4. Breath for energy! Try Right-Nostril breathing for 3 minutes. Sit in easy comfortable position with a straight spine.  Close off you left nostril with your left thumb and breath in and out of only your right nostril. You will become more and more alert as you breathe.
  5. Awaken the spine! A quick way to do this is to bring energy and movement to the spinal column-the body’s electrical current center. Try these 3 moves to awaken the energetic body!
    • Sufi Grinds: Sit in an easy crossed legged position on the floor. Start to rotate in a circle on the base of the spine. As you move forward inhale as you move back exhale.  Continue in one direction for 1 minute then switch directions for 1 minute.  Awakens the base of the spine where a lot of nerve endings reside and also stimulates digestion.
    • Wing Spins: Sit in an easy crossed legged position on the floor. Bring your hands to your shoulders fingers in front and thumbs in back. Your elbows will be bent at shoulder height. Breathe in powerfully turn to the left. Exhale powerfully turn to the right. Continue for 1-2 minutes. Move quickly and powerfully. This action opens up the heart center and lifts the spirit.
    • Shoulder Shrugs: Sit in an easy crossed legged position on the floor. Arms by your sides. Inhale shrug your shoulders up Exhale shrug your shoulders down. Do this action rapidly for 1 minute. Any stress or tension in your neck and shoulders will be released.

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