T.L.C. Plan


Total Life Change Plan

Yoga and Coaching for Transformation!


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AllisonThe Health Yoga Life T.L.C. (Total Life Change) Plan is your way to jump-start, reboot, and reclaim your body, your health, your whole life. This is not a program that helps you reach only fixed goals; this is a program that helps you live from your full potential and get what you want from life. By pairing Yoga and Health Yoga Life Coaching, you start to fully understand your behaviors, your reactions, your beliefs and start changing things up at their core.

Whatever you are looking to create in life, a stronger/leaner body, better intimate relationships, more fulfilling work life, more balance, true happiness, the T.L.C. Plan will empower you to find the right choice and action for you. Our coaching is different. Using a proprietary method called the Emotional Responsibility Method™, your life comes back into your control. When authentic change is needed, a Health Yoga Life Coach is an essential part of your support team. A Health Yoga Life coach is fully on your side, always. They will hold you accountable for change and support you through the challenges.

Yoga is an ancient system for integrating body, mind, and spirit. When it becomes a practice the postures, called asanas, create the perfect body for you. Yoga works on all parts of your physical body: the muscles, the bones, the connective tissue, the glands, the organs, the nervous system, the lymph system, the circulatory system, etc. It is a true total body workout. Committing to a practice of 3-5 times a week will reshape your body. The T.L.C. Plan includes unlimited yoga classes at Health Yoga Life. The more you practice the sooner you will see results. You’ll also learn to manage your stress and emotions by invoking this ancient wellness practice into your life. Stress generates stress hormones in the body that generate/store fat and contribute to degeneration of the cells. The T.L.C. plan is the only program to recognize that kicking stress out is the only way to kick back into health. With T.L.C. it is easy.

Yoga and Health Yoga Life Coaching have already produced terrific, tangible results for our clients. This package is designed for people who are already in a change process or who feel they are at breaking point, and the only option is to bust through the comfort zone into uncharted territory where one can find the sweet spot, and set SAIL!

Sign up today! CLICK HERE As soon as you sign up your Coach will be in touch to schedule your first Introductory Coaching call and tell you more about the process. Your month of unlimited yoga will start the day you come to the studio. Price per month is $299 or $279 (auto renewal price for 3 months) (includes unlimited yoga and two coaching calls per month.) We strongly encourage clients, to commit for three months to see and experience Total Life Change!


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