Monday Night Music / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

“Birthday Party” and “Monday Night” can feel almost contradictory to the body – I know because I’ve just been there, done that. With every movement I made to get festive my body made movements to just turn on the NFL and call it a day. This moment required a little external intervention: M&Ms? Green tea? Music! Whenever I need to move, whether it be on the treadmill or out the door, music is my go- to, to get going. The creation of a playlist is modern man’s god given right.  Fleetwood Mac? Whiz Khalifa? Robert Plant? Emmylou Harris? Jimmy Cliff? Dire straits? Your list I am sure is as varied as mine but something that belongs in everyone’s library: Martynas. Recently holding No.1 in UK classical charts the eclectic mix of music on his CD has something for even the most fickle listener. New artists seem to have a distinctive edge to their music where ambition and caution are threaded together through the cords. It ever so slightly reminds me of the young Rafa  with cords of his own in the 2004 Davis Cup, a look he no longer carries- and we miss. Amazon and Itunes would be your first port-of-call to get your hands on this young, passionate player’s album, at this point still an import to the US; be ahead of your friends with this playing at your next dinner party!

The music selection is particularly nice at the yoga studio because without many lyrics your mind can go where it wants, instead of being guided toward an expected emotion. Be evoked not led. Revel in the deliverance from your day  – whether it be through meditation, yoga, walking the dog or in my case, turning up that iPod.

This album, and a little help from my friends, that Monday I resolved to be and make a TFZ (Twerk-Free-Zone). Don’t mention, don’t see, and avoid at all cost anything related to that stupid word. That is the best move I made so far. After taking a chance on a week-night, I now know thanks to friends and music, come Monday, it’ll be allright.


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