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Transform Yourself Transform Your World by Vyda Bielkus

It is only through self-transformation that the world around us will change.  Radical change will happen when we heal the deepest rifts within ourselves.  To bring peace to this world we must bring peace to ourselves.  To bring love to this world we must bring love to ourselves.  To heal the world we must heal ourselves.  This is our collective human charge.

But how do we do this exactly?  How do we begin to heal ourselves and our world?

First, we need to stop running away from the lessons the universe is providing us.  Life’s hurdles and challenges are wonderful opportunities for healing to occur.  But most of the time, we run away from anything that makes us feel even the slightest bit out of control or uncomfortable.  We ignore pain, push it away, ignore it, stuff it down, we do everything we can to avoid it.  But the funny thing about pain, the more we ignore it, the more it erupts like a volcano when it blows.  We humans do not move easily toward change.  We rather continue to live in lies then to change the status quo, perhaps because we don’t know what will be there when the lies are no longer there.  We just can’t seem to bring ourselves to believe that what will be there will be better than the lies.  The truth is, once we face and walk through the pain, we can fly.

More and more of us are craving to wake up and have come to expect and accept change as a part of our human experience.  By committing to emotional responsibility, we commit to making the change process a daily process so that the world around us begins to change. Yoga, meditation, working with a coach can all be helpful tools to help us heal the deepest wounds of our soul to move forward toward liberation and freedom.

For many of us yoga is often a wonderful entry way into our emotions and getting to know ourselves. Yoga open us up to the part in us that is the observer self.  The observer self can look at the myriad of thoughts that are flooding in every moment of every day and see that those thoughts are not us-our true essence.  Yoga reminds us that we are feeling beings.  As you engage in a yoga practice you can begin to see that the painful thoughts co-exist with the pleasant thoughts.  When we have been presented with a challenge in life that is bringing us pain, yoga can create a pathway to the pain so that you can address it and integrate the learning it is offering up to you.   This is called healing.

Once we can see our suffering and are holding it, we must do something with it to shift the energy and to release the grip it has on us.  Some say you can just release it through more yoga, in actuality you need to integrate it.  This can be effectively done with a coach or someone who can authentically hold space for you without judgment or advising.  In a B1 Coaching session you are able to take the most stuck energy that is holding you back and explore its origin and integrate it to move beyond it to positive forward action and flow.

The thing most people do not understand is that healing the pain is much better then living with it.  Most people seem to think that if they start crying or start feeling they may never stop.  The truth is we are in control of our emotions.  We do stop crying, and once we integrate and release our limiting beliefs about ourselves we are able to live more authentically and fully.  There are more choices available to us than before.

Remember we are not separate from others suffering.  We are learning through relating to others.  The Indian philosopher, J. Krishnamurti said “What you are the world is, and without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world.”  So begin to seek out change, let the feelings in your body lead you toward it, walk through the door of your own transformation and begin to change the world.

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.