Creating Intimacy Through Presence

Yoga is a whole way of life. It can shape and heal the body, but it also gives us deeper connection to ourselves.  In a world that is always trying to pull us off center we need a tool to help us become more present.

Why? Because from presence comes power! True, authentic power!  This quality allows you to embrace a way of living that is free and purposeful.  It allows you to be there for others and helps foster intimacy.

Intimacy is the sweetness of our relationships.  It is not just something that is present for romantic partners.  It is a quality that makes everyone we interact with important and part of our fabric.  Intimacy allows us to be in a space with another human being as simply being with versus needing to solve or improve.

As you start to practice yoga, you increase intimacy with the self. By slowing down our rapid thoughts we can start to listen to our own inner world and begin to have compassion for the self.  As this quality begins to grow in us, we begin to want to share this with others.  We want to engage in community to foster our own deepening of this experience.

Being with someone, or holding space means you are listening before you start thinking about what you are going to say. It means you are not judging or expecting. It means learning to bring your full being to the moment.

But how do you get yourself out of the way? Many of us are taught to debate our position. We feel validation when we can impose our views or ways of being on someone else.  But this is not empowering to anyone.  This doesn’t allow for growth.

Health Yoga Life programs are dynamic self-development programs that will help you learn the skills to be able to be present for others, to deepen intimacy with yourself and others and to embrace a new way of living. Our yoga teacher trainings and Health Yoga Life Coach Trainings not only teach you how to employ these in your own life but certify you in a professional skill set.

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