Yoga: the Secret to Leadership and Presence

I recently started the Executive MBA program at MIT.  The program is designed for mid-level executives and attracts a talented, international, amazing group of people who are interested in positively changing the world. Before the first week of school, I put out to my class of 126, if anyone would want to learn how to meditate.  The response was overwhelming. More than ½ the class was interested in learning about it.

So during the first week on campus, I arranged to lead an “Introduction to Meditation” training that Health Yoga Life currently offers corporations.  Everybody loved it and many folks have expressed their inspiration to stay committed to a daily practice.  It was so well received by attendees that those not in attendance have asked me to hold it again.

Right after the presentation, many folks (who I just met), came up to me and acknowledged my “executive presence” and “natural presentation leadership”.  I know they secretly wondered “how does this yoga gal have that?”.   What I know for certain much of my ability to be present and comfortable on my feet in front of groups of people, I have gained through my commitment to yoga, meditation and HYL coaching.  Self-awareness is a powerful tool for self-development and building confidence.  It helps us breakthrough the illusions of fear that hold us back.

Teaching yoga has offered me the ability to be with people in a way that is present, supportive, accepting, and humbling.  All these traits enhance one’s leadership ability.  When I look at the world around us, all I see is a world waiting for more of us to step away from the fears that hold us back.  The world doesn’t need you to keep believing the ways you are not whole or not good enough or not “whatever” enough.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was once asked what he would tell his younger self. Gates said, “Looking back on when I left college, there are some things I wish I had known. E.g., intelligence takes many different forms. It is not one dimensional. And not as important as I used to think.”  Therefore, encourage yourself to get to know yourself. Get to know your purpose and get to know others and help them draw their best truest self forward.  This is really the journey of yoga, to awaken and to rise in your truth.  HYL trainings and programs are designed to help you connect with your core values, your authentic self and your purpose.

Let 2019 be a year of awakening.  Health Yoga Life is your partner for your self-development and growth. Join us in the pursuit of living a purposeful, meaningful, connected life!

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