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ON-Site, Remote, and HYBRID Wellness PRograms & TRAININGS

Health is the true currency of human capital!

Remote / On-Site

  • Yoga Classes (Beginner, Power, Chair, Restorative)
  • Meditation
  • Self-Care Seminars
  • Work/Life Balance Trainings
  • Lifestyle Coaching Circles

Corporate Retreats

  • Build a Wellness Corporate Culture
  • Connect your remote or field workers 
  • Zoom Retreats
  • In-Person Retreats: destinations from mountains to sea with 25+ years of experience of hosting wellness retreats



3, 6, OR 12 MONTHS

Your team will learn how to develop an active practice of self-care in their daily lives.

Trainings include a combination of coaching circles, seminars, yoga or chair stretches, breath awareness techniques, guided meditations, and team building exercises. Training programs are fully customizable to every team size and budget.

During the training, your employees will meet our professional wellness team! All yoga, meditation, and seminar instructors have completed HYL’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and Life and Wellness Coach Training Programs.

  • Program Introduction for Employee Engagement
  • 2 HYL Trainers co-host Kick Off Day
  • Repeating sessions twice a day for optimal attendance
  • 1 HYL Trainer presents per session  
  • 2 HYL Trainers and assistant for large audiences 

Health Yoga Life programs teach self-awareness, transformation (change), and wholeness techniques and strategies to reduces stress, improve work-life balance, and help people make healthy changes. Once you learn to identify “where you are at and what works for you,” simple self-care practices become a habit instead of another chore.

Yoga and Guided Meditation Classes Include:

  • From Beginners to Power Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga Poses for Relaxation
  • Guided Meditation (sitting comfortably with eyes closed)
Seminars and Coaching Circles Include:
  • Yoga and Meditative Breaks
  • Experiential Segments
  • PowerPoint Presentations with Teaching Tools
  • Reflective Homework Questions in Coaching Circles

Employee Wellness Basic Training

(Weekly, Monthly For 6 Months, or Retreat Program)

  • Identifying where you are at
  • Deciding what is important
  • How to listen
  • What you can learn from inner cues
  • Noticing language
  • Self-reflection and meditation
  • Integrating mind body and spirit
  • Balancing the 4 quadrants of health*

    *(participants receive a fun and easy survey to do for themselves before the session)

  • The stages of change
  • Choice making
  • The Emotional Responsibility Method change process
  • Making a commitment to change
  • How did meditation come to the west
  • The science behind it
  • How to make it a practice
  • What is yoga and what it is not
  • How it builds awareness
  • Simple yoga movements for daily life
  • Healthy body, health mind
  • Learn how to make a clear choice
  • Wise decision making


Intergen      Insulet     Massachusetts General Hospital     General Electric     Sanofi Genzyme     March Communications     Constellation Pharmaceuticals     Novartis     Celtra     MIT Federal Credit Union    Equity Apartments     Suffolk University     Standard Life Insurance     Bynder    SMMA              Behavioral Health Services Boston Public Schools      Garrity Insurance


Remote - Class Fee

Single Class (45-60 min): $300

Single Class (30 min): $200

Coaching Circle/Session: $500

On-Site - Class Fee

Price quote to include travel

ALL LEVELS You, Your Mat, Your Breath, and Your Body. A Vinyasa Flow class that gets your body moving. Continual movement through yoga postures gets your heart rate up while balancing and core sections will keep you focused and strong. Modifications are highlighted to make the class achievable for all. Teachers will impart inspiring insights, so students leave with the knowledge of how to grow their yoga practice. All are welcome!

ALL LEVELS Now you can have the best of both worlds – cardio and yoga! 30 minutes of high-intensity strength and cardio, followed by a 30-minute Vinyasa flow to fire up the core and cool you down. Just interested in either the cardio or the yoga? No problem – you can hop on and hop off.

Guided meditations are a remarkably relaxing experience where participants meditate in response to guidance provided by a yoga and/or meditation teacher. Class may include very gentle movement. This is like “a much-needed break” and a very rejuvenating experience. Participants can be seated on chairs and regular work attire is fine.

Yoga and Guided Meditation can be combined into one class with intervals of each per agreement. i.e., 30 minutes yoga and 15 minutes guided meditation, or 15 minutes of light stretching yoga postures and 30 minutes guided meditation.

Led by HYL Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Focus on barriers to making health lifestyle changes and how to make new healthier habits. Interactive and includes reflective homework questions. 

All employees and independent contractors who work for the company and take yoga classes must sign an electronic waiver. Waiver includes language to cover employer as well. 


Remote - Seminar Fee

Single Seminar: $500

2-part Seminars: $900

On-Site - Seminar Fee

Price quote to include travel

Join us for an instructional seminar that will leave you with a better understanding of meditation and an easy-to-use technique for a daily meditation practice. Meditation elicits the relaxation response and has been scientifically proven to reverse the ill effects of stress. Come find out why meditation is one of the top techniques used by individuals to help them become more efficient and effective. An experiential practice session is included.
The ancient techniques of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness arrived in the west in the early fifties. Now, yoga classes are offered in boutique studios and large corporate workout facilities. But is yoga a workout or some hidden eastern religious dogma? Is it just a fashion trend used to market yoga clothing? And what does the research show for stress reduction, health, and wellbeing? Join us to learn and discover how these techniques can help you.

Participants learn the importance of self-awareness, wholeness, transformation, balance, and healthy choices. Seminar includes takeaways, such as breathing techniques, nutrition tips, and mindfulness practices that can be implemented immediately.

The Four Quadrants of Heath are activity, rest, nourishment and cleansing. Each quadrant is a foundation stone for wellness and wellbeing. Participants take an assessment and learn about health strategies to elicit positive change for each quadrant. (2 parts)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, learning to delegate and enlist a support system, and creating boundaries between work and personal time are all effective measures to reduce stress. Many ask the question: “where do I start?” when they already feel stressed, and things start falling apart. In this seminar you will learn how to make small choices that make a big difference and build resilience and balance.

Participants learn how the coaching skills of active listening and direct questioning can be incorporated into their work and personal lives so that anxiety and tension can be eased, communications made easier, and relationship thrive.

Whenever we feel like a negative emotional reaction has consumed us, we need to learn to take emotional responsibility for our experience. Our reactions are not caused by our family members, friends, or co-workers. They are learning lessons from our own subconscious mind. In this seminar you will learn the first steps you can take to shift back to equilibrium and how coaching can help you be present and active.

Do you wonder how a desire can become a true choice? A desire is something we wish to manifest in our life. A clear choice is the first step of realizing a desire. In this interactive seminar you will learn how to state a clear choice, one that is not too overwhelming and feels integral to who you are.

Company leaders and mangers that are committed to their personal development, health and wellness are creative, balanced, present, and make better decisions. In today’s rapidly changing workplace Lifestyle Management Coaching provides the tools needed for personal and organizational growth.


  • Company name can be added to the waiver.
  • Reports can be generated of who signed the waiver.

HYL requires the waiver to be signed only once. For Attendance Reports per session employees would need to sign waiver before each session.

HYL can record and provide the video of the session for a designated period to be distributed to participants who missed the session. Usually this is for one month but can be longer per agreement. Employees appreciate “flex viewing” for missed sessions. Recordings are emailed to company wellness staff.

Fee: $100 per recording

Recordings can be uploaded to HYL’s Online Learning Portal which is private for your group. Employees are provided a login for them to access all the material anytime and anywhere. Fee TBD.  

Flyers help HR departments promote the sessions. HYL can provide flyers for each session or monthly.

Fee: $75 per digital flyer for emails for employee engagment

Fee: $100 includes digital flyer and email content


HYL offers retreats in beautiful destinations around the world, including Cape Cod, White Mountains of New Hampshire, Tulum, Mexico, and Costa Rica. These make great incentives or rewards for your remote and field employees! We can also coordinate 1–3-day retreats, on-site, locally, or at partner retreat centers to foster team building and corporate culture.