By becoming a HYL Coach you transform yourself and others to
live in truth, success and with vitality.

Yoga teachers who conduct coaching conversations expand how, where and with whom they work. During this time of rapid societal, technological, and environmental change people look to yoga teachers to maintain equilibrium, embrace change and find meaning. 

The HYL Coach Training gives you the tools you need to commit to personal transformation in your own life.  It gives you the tools to coach personally or professionally. If you are ready to help yourself and others break negative habits and patterns and change, the HYL Coach Training is for you.

Embrace an attitude of wholeness, master truly listening, and lean into the power of non-judgment to coach others from emotional reactivity to emotional responsibility, power, self-worth, freedom, and compassion.

Taking Action to Change

Why stay locked in habituated behaviors that you have outgrown? Do the work to change. Learn proven techniques from health and life coaching to not just know what to do, but how to do it.

Making Daily Choice, not Goals

Life is driven by daily choices. Of course, it’s vital to have dreams and desires but simply having a goal to realize the dream is not enough. Learning to align choices and feelings in the body is fundamental.


The Emotional Responsibility Method

When something triggers you and you cannot let go of anger, disappointment, shame, guilt, or fear you need a reliable tool to get back to your true self, to wholeness. Go from stuck to action fast with this HYL proprietary method for change.

“The HYL Coach Training was the best gift I have ever given myself. I took the training thinking that I would graduate and become an inspirational coach who helped my clients learn new choice making skills. What I didn’t realize was the immense personal growth I would experience, and how amazing my life would become with the training. The teachers and curriculum make this training so interesting and applicable that you can’t help but experience success personally and professionally.”

CARY | HYL Coach Graduate


Upon completion you will be ready to start your own coaching practice! Our easy to use on-line portal is designed so simply that anyone can start their learning today.


The HYL online portal “the hub” is your home base for this training. It’s simple to use. With just one click you have access to all your course materials. Every month you will get access to 3 “listen to anywhere” audio classes, class notes and supplemental reading that support your learning.


We know that you can’t learn only by reading or listening about a topic. Through direct homework interaction with faculty you have a built in support during the program. This takes your learning to the next level. You are not only receiving expert information, but fully understanding and integrating the material you are learning.


Unlike a coach training that is focused only on health or life coaching principles our training combines the best of both fields of study. You will learn the key process for making changes: The Emotional Responsibility Method™. No other training has this type of integrated approach to really making change happen-for good!


Our self-paced program of 30 classes are designed with you, the coach in training, in mind.

We know what real, lasting, effective change looks like. We give you the skills to become a powerful change agent for others. Check out all the topics this curriculum covers below!


  • Ancient healing traditions treat the whole person, mind, body spirit and emotions. Coaching addresses all four aspects.
  • Learn when and how to refer to a health and healing practitioner.
  • Coaching is never prescriptive.
  • Coaching is resource based and brings one to self-knowledge, right choice and action.
  • Integral Health reminds us that we are part of a greater whole and have responsibility for our communities.
  • Understand the impact lifestyle and nutrition choices have on health and well being.
  • The Four Quadrants of Health: help people make healthy changes™. -rest, activity, nourishment and cleansing.


  • Engaging through presence, trust, and honesty.
  • Listening with intention and applying direct questioning skills.
  • Assessment, time keeping, closing remarks, client homework.
  • Breakthrough facilitation skills, from stuck to action.
  • Managing progress, asking for feedback, monitoring results.
  • Building self-awareness, use of intuition, and wholeness.
  • Using body based feelings to uncover insights for clarity and action.
  • Empowerment to move through emotional reactivity to accountability and self-responsibility.
  • Compassion and empathy with clear boundaries.


  • The right choice is the biggest tool for change-learn to frame it so it becomes the new way forward.
  • Action is possible with right choice.
  • Change theories provide tools to measure progress.
  • Stages of change provide a map that identifies what is possible.
  • Manage resistance and assist in generating options.
  • Learn the premier tool for change and transformation, the HYL Emotional Responsibility Method™.
  • Self-growth continuously brings forth challenges from long held old beliefs that limit us and need to be reframed.
  • The Emotional Responsibility Method™ results in health, vitality, creativity and abundance in one coaching conversation.


  • Move beyond your own limitations and you and others will thrive.
  • You can only work as deeply with another as you have worked on your own consciousness.
  • Develop self-reflection, self-inquiry, contemplation, yoga and meditation practice and engage in coaching conversations.
  • Understand mental models, personal mastery, karma, spirituality, inner knowing, observation.
  • The power of living in truth instead of fear.
  • Moving from state of dis-ease to wholeness.


  • Examining the burgeoning coaching industry.
  • The role of the coach in human resources and healthcare.
  • Self-care as a component of leadership.
  • Provide and receive feedback and measure progress.
  • Understand the role of ethics, coaching standards and scope of practice.
  • High powered professional service agreements.
  • Comprehensive tools for business development and liability.
  • Social media and internet marketing techniques.
  • Understand and claim your self-worth and increase your earning capacity.


Our Coach Training is a virtual self-paced online learning experience. For the duration of the program you will have access to our online classroom The HUB.

All 30 classes are centered around a “listen anywhere” audio class led by the faculty. You receive 3 classes a month from the learning portal. These classes are supported with extensive class notes about the material discussed on the call. Whether you are an audio or visual learner your learning style is supported!

We also select on topic reading to increase your integration of the material you are learning and to add vital context as necessary.

Each month has a reflective and inquisitive homework assignment. Through the homework you review the material and explore your own relationship to the topics you are learning. This allows you to be introspective with the material, so you can build confidence in the topics. As the months go on you not only begin to gain more wisdom but you begin to use what you are learning in your daily life.

You can complete the program in 10 months. Should you need more time because you took a break, have not completed coaching sessions, or HYL Coach Certification, the portal will remain open an additional 8 months giving you full access to the program.



The aim of HYL Coaching is for each individual to realize that they are responsible for the growth and development of their consciousness. As your consciousness expands you are able to live life joyfully with compassion for others and our shared community. Transform Yourself . Transform Your World.

HYL integrates the best of life coaching, including motivation, performance and leadership coaching, and health coaching into a model built on a foundation of self-awareness. With the high speed of information available through ever improved technology, it is no longer possible to treat life and health as separate.

Once you are logged into the HYL easy to navigate training portal, the HUB, you will find details about the program, program instructions, curriculum, faculty bios, suggested reading, homework requirements and more. The 30 recorded audio classes are issued 3 per month over 10 months.

Yes, you can start the program whenever you are ready. No wait time to start! You can finish the program in 10-months.  You receive 3 classes a month from the learning portal. Should you need more time because you took a break, have not completed coaching sessions, or HYL Coach Certification, the portal will remain open an additional 8 months giving you full access to the program. If you prefer to finish the program in less than 10 months, discuss options with program administrators.

Life Coaching and Health Coaching are not licensed in any state. Like a therapist, who do not bill insurance, coaches are not required to be licensed. Medical professionals like physicians, nurses and massage therapists are licensed in the state where they work.

Certification is not required to work as a coach. Health Yoga Life encourages certification to help coaches establish credibility.

Yoga, both asana practice and meditation, spark students to understand and examine underlying beliefs and behaviors revealed from the subconscious mind. As this happens students yearn for more information on how to live with more clarity and integrity. Healthy lifestyle choices become important as do healthy relationships. The HYL Coach Training provides a variety of tools for personal growth and communications that can be applied for self-learning or in the family, with friends, work associates and community.

Although students of yoga do self-inquiry and self-examination for clarity, the HYL Coaching process allows for exponential learning and healing. People trust yoga teachers and count on them not just to learn yoga asana practice but to learn more about the self. When a yoga teacher becomes a HYL Coach she/he becomes a leader in this growing field. Plus, building a HYL Coaching practice along with yoga teaching enables you to work full time in the industry you love.

HYL encourages all forms of self-awareness. We believe you can only work as deeply, fully and competently with another as you have worked on yourself. At different times of your life you may be drawn to explore self-awareness through yoga (meditation, mindfulness, repetitive prayer), or other forms of quieting the mind such as self-reflection and self-inquiry. Yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient (5000-year-old) Vedic tradition to learn about, develop and expand consciousness.

The HYL Coach training offers something for everyone interested in learning how to conduct coaching conversations and in learning how to make healthy changes and healthy lifestyle choices. The HYL training also prepares you to work as a coach and develop a robust coaching practice. HYL Coaches learn the HYL proprietary change tool, The Emotional Responsibility MethodTM to shift from a negative emotional reaction to a place of wholeness and emotional responsibility in one coaching session.

Now it’s your turn!

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“I apply the HYL principals of healing, clarity, living from truth not from fear, responding vs. reacting, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness with my students. I use the tools from the coach training to reach my seniors and to guide them to live happier healthy lives.”

JANET | HYL Coach Graduate