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Four Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

We get so caught up in our workdays that yoga is sometimes the last thing on our priority list. Movement is so crucial to maintaining a healthy body and a strong mind, so here are four yoga poses you can do right from your office chair. There are numerous benefits of stretching every day. These are also ideal for anyone dealing with an injury, or someone who wants a more gentle and supported practice.

Seated Cat Cow

So many of us spend our days hunched over keyboards and phones, so lengthening your spine is one of the best ways to combat our plugged-in lives. Start with both feet on the floor, hands pressing against your knees or the tops of your thighs. On an inhale, arch your spine and roll your shoulders down and back. On your exhale, round your spine and bring your chin to your chest. Keep your breaths steady and even, moving at your own pace through each asana.

Chair Twist

This is another great pose for your back that can also be done from a chair. Sit sideways in your chair, with the back of the chair on your right. Keep your feet on the floor and on an inhale, lengthen your spine. On your exhale, twist gently to the right, using the back of the chair to gently twist. Switch to the other side after at least five breaths.

Chair Pigeon

One place where we could all use a little more movement is our hips. Sitting in a chair for so many hours can lead to tight hips, which can lead to a whole lot of other issues. Start with your left foot on the floor. Bring your right ankle to rest on top of your left thigh. You can get a good stretch sitting up, with your back against the chair, or if you need a little more intensity, you can gently lean forward, keeping your back straight. Hold for a minimum of five breaths, and then switch to the other side.

Chair Forward Fold

You probably didn’t think you could do an inversion while sitting in a chair, but you can! Inversions have so many benefits, and Forward Fold is one that is accessible to almost everyone. Start with both feet on the floor. Bend from your waist and lay your chest across the tops of your thighs. Your hands can rest on the floor, and your head can hang heavy. Close your eyes and let go of all the tension in your neck and shoulders. Hold for at least five breaths.

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