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Creating a morning Routine

Setting yourself up to have good day starts with one thing: your morning routine. Having a bad morning can set you up for having a bad day. Set yourself up for success by creating a morning routine to support having a great rest of your day.

Why a morning routine is important

Think about it: have you ever had a fantastic day after having a chaotic morning? Probably not. Setting your intentions and habits from the get-go will help you visualize having a good day, so then it’s much easier to reach your goals. Fill your morning with healthy habits you practice every day, and you’ll see the difference over time.

Sit down and think about your current morning routine. How do you feel afterward? Do you greet the day with a smile and excitement? Do your current habits support you in your physical and mental health? There will always be bad days, of course, but overall, how well is your current routine working?

A good morning starts with a good night’s sleep

You’re not going to be well-rested if you don’t get quality sleep the night before. Routines are important for bedtime too! Make sure to stay away from snacks and screens before bed, and maybe try a little bedtime yoga to wind down.

Whatever you do, don’t check your phone

Do you roll over and immediately go for your phone? Stop doing that! Seeing those missed messages, emails, and news is not going to set you up for a good day. Checking your phone first thing can actually affect your brain. Think about keeping your phone on the other side of the room, or even in another room overnight.

Move your body

Moving your body is always a good choice, but definitely in the morning after you’ve been sleeping in the same position for so many hours. Whether you’re a gentle stretching person or a run in the morning person, moving your body is a great addition to your morning routine, even if it’s just five minutes of dancing to your favorite song. Find what kind of movement you look forward to, and what’s reasonable for you in the morning. If you’ve never run a mile, then maybe don’t commit to running a mile before breakfast every day. Start small, and you can always increase your time.

Make time for gratitude and meditation

Getting your mind in the right state is so important for your morning routine. Whether you say your affirmations, you meditate with a mantra, or you write in your gratitude journal, take time for reflection before diving headfirst into your day.

Some other tips

A few other things you might consider adding to your morning routine:

  • Making your daily to-do list, but make sure to include self-care on that list!
  • Make your bed. This is a great way to reset the room and make you feel better about having one thing done before you even leave your bedroom.
  • Do something fun! Maybe you turn on a song and have a dance party with your kids, or you watch an episode of a funny show, start your day with joy.
  • Read! It might be an interesting article, or a few pages from a book, but it will help engage your mind and if you feel like you never have time to sit and read, this is where you can fit in in.

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