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Over the last 2 years, we have been very grateful for our yoga, meditation and coaching practices. As we now head out of the pandemic, we all are facing some level of transition. As we look back at other transition times of our lives, we noticed that there was always a common thread that we felt helped us.
We love celebrating national holidays, especially when they can remind us to get back to our roots. On May 16th, it’s National Love a Tree Day. Observance of this holiday encourages us to care for our trees and maybe even plant new ones. Trees are great symbols of strength and power. Spend this day of honoring trees in yoga poses that allow you to embody this strength.
Should your company offer a wellness program for your employees? You may be noticing a shift in your employees' priorities. Nowadays, they view work as more than just a paycheck—it's an opportunity to connect with others, find themselves, and grow as a person. With this shift comes a desire to receive more from their company than a simple paycheck. To keep your employees loyal to your company, you may need to offer a host of benefits, including flexible schedules, free lunches, and wellness programs.
Have you been thinking about participating in yoga teacher training? If you've thought about it but hesitated to sign up, you're not alone. Many yogis wonder if teacher training is truly for them and if they are even ready for it. We believe that you are ready, and we’ve highlighted 10 reasons why it’s time for yoga teacher training.
Cardio has been a huge part of my life for nearly 35 years. I grew up as a dancer and cheerleader and continued both throughout college and beyond. Countless hours were spent at the gym, focusing on endurance and strength training. One thing that I wish was part of my training routine back then was yoga! I first discovered yoga in 2005 at the gym but started practicing religiously at Health Yoga Life about ten years ago!