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We’ve officially shifted from Leo season (July 23-August 22), to Virgo season (August 23-September 22). This is a time of change. The switching of the seasons, the shift to back-to-school, the weather turning from summer to fall. Let’s look at some poses that can help you feel more grounded in this period of change.
Over the last 2 years, we have been very grateful for our yoga, meditation and coaching practices. As we now head out of the pandemic, we all are facing some level of transition. As we look back at other transition times of our lives, we noticed that there was always a common thread that we felt helped us.
We love celebrating national holidays, especially when they can remind us to get back to our roots. On May 16th, it’s National Love a Tree Day. Observance of this holiday encourages us to care for our trees and maybe even plant new ones. Trees are great symbols of strength and power. Spend this day of honoring trees in yoga poses that allow you to embody this strength.