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Should your company offer a wellness program for your employees? You may be noticing a shift in your employees' priorities. Nowadays, they view work as more than just a paycheck—it's an opportunity to connect with others, find themselves, and grow as a person. With this shift comes a desire to receive more from their company than a simple paycheck. To keep your employees loyal to your company, you may need to offer a host of benefits, including flexible schedules, free lunches, and wellness programs.
Have you been thinking about participating in yoga teacher training? If you've thought about it but hesitated to sign up, you're not alone. Many yogis wonder if teacher training is truly for them and if they are even ready for it. We believe that you are ready, and we’ve highlighted 10 reasons why it’s time for yoga teacher training.
Cardio has been a huge part of my life for nearly 35 years. I grew up as a dancer and cheerleader and continued both throughout college and beyond. Countless hours were spent at the gym, focusing on endurance and strength training. One thing that I wish was part of my training routine back then was yoga! I first discovered yoga in 2005 at the gym but started practicing religiously at Health Yoga Life about ten years ago!
It’s time to get twisted! National Pretzel Day is April 26. And you know what that means? Nope, we're not suggesting grabbing the salty snacks (though we won't discourage it either!). It's time to pull out all our favorite twisted yoga poses for Pretzel Day. You won’t even have to wait in line like they did on Pretzel Day on The Office!
We’re just a few days away from the end of Health Yoga Life’s Spring into Yoga Challenge. As we near the end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how far we’ve come. Yoga has so many health benefits, and practicing every day for 30 days can have even more impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. Once you’ve reached the finish line of the 30-day yoga challenge, you may experience the following positive outcomes.
You’re almost at the finish line of your 30-day yoga challenge! Are you finding it difficult to stay motivated to step onto the mat every day? It’s completely normal to have these feelings when it’s time to practice for the day. If you need a little inspiration to improve your discipline and finish your yoga challenge strong, check out these six ways to stay motivated in your yoga practice.
Aligning our routines to the lunar rhythms connects our energy to nature. A New Moon is the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle. Your energy may be low during this time as your body prepares for change and transformation. The New Moon phase is a beautiful time to set intentions or connect with where you are at in your journey. In this post, you’ll find some of our favorite restorative yoga poses and a meditation prompt for the New Moon. These poses and meditation can help you recharge and prepare for a new season.
Welcome to our updated hOMepage! If you’ve been part of our community for a little while now, you may notice things look a little different. Health Yoga Life is evolving, as a business and as a community. We thought our website could use a little transformation as well. Now you can find articles on living your fullest authentic life in each of our categories: HEALTH, YOGA, and LIFE. For even more tips and techniques, you can visit our Featured Expert Video Corner to learn from your favorite experts at Health Yoga Life. Our reimagined website is meant to be a resource for you to use in your journey towards pursuing a healthy, whole life.

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