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Setting (and Keeping) Your Intentions in 2022

It seems like every year we all sit down at the end of December and set our intentions for the new year, but how do you keep those intentions? We’ve got some tips on keeping your motivation strong throughout the new year.

Be positive

Instead of promising yourself “I won’t forget to make my bed every day” switch to “I will make my bed every day.” Your intention should have a positive connotation, not a negative one to help you feel more motivated. Your intentions should be unique to you but make them clear. You could choose “I will practice gratitude when I wake up in the morning” or “I will walk for 15 minutes every day.” When it comes to goals an intentions, usually small, measurable goals and intentions are much more achievable than those that are bigger and less realistic. For example, if you want to exercise more, a better intention is “I will move my body for at least ten minutes a day” than “I will run for one hour every day.”

Write it down

One if the best ways to help you keep your intentions in 2022 is to write them down. Studies have shown that writing down your goals and intentions can help you achieve them. Have you always wanted to keep a journal? This is the perfect time to start. You can write down your intentions at the start of every day, or at night before you go to bed. Try writing them on a sticky note and place them on a mirror or prominent place that will constantly remind you.


Meditation is another way you can help yourself stick to your intentions. Simply sit or lay down in a quiet area with little to no distractions. Focus on your intention, repeating it silently to yourself as a mantra as you breath deeply in and out. You can set a timer for as little as five minutes a day. You can also simply read your intention that you’ve written before you start your daily meditation. For tips on starting a meditation practice, check out our post on the basics of meditation.

Share your intention

Tell your family, friends, coworkers, etc. about your intention! This will get you excited to stay on track, and it can give you some accountability and encouragement. Most of us need both internal and external motivation and having the people closest to you in your life cheering you on is an excellent way to get external motivation. The people who love you will want to support you with your intentions and goals, so get them involved! For example, if your intention is to take a daily walk, get your kids, or your spouse, or your friends in on the action. That might even inspire them to set their own intentions. When you put positive energy out, that energy comes back to you. When you transform yourself, you transform the world and the people around you.

Can’t think of an intention? What about starting with gratitude? You can read our post on how to keep a gratitude journal and see how this practice can improve your outlook in 2022!

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