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Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that translates to “knowledge of life.” We can use this practice of finding out our Dosha, or the balance of the five elements within each of us: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. You can eat certain foods to balance your Dosha, and fall has plenty of options from pumpkin to squash, turkey, and grains. Read on to find out which fall foods can help nourish your dosha!
Yoga retreats are back and just in time for International Yoga Day! For more than a year, we’ve all been experiencing the stress of getting used to a new normal, worrying and wondering how the outbreak of COVID-19 will affect our loved ones and us. As a result, we've been separated from our friends and family, and we've had to postpone trips and vacations.
Yoga has taught me about the importance of detoxing both your mind and body in order to experience a well-balanced life. Throughout my yoga journey, I’ve become more aware of toxins that I encounter each day, from toxic thoughts to environmental toxins. Yoga and meditation were a clear approach to a mental and physical detox, but finding a detox for environmental toxins was a challenge, especially when it came to my skincare routine. So, for years I struggled with skin irritation, breakouts, and acne without a clear solution or understanding of the underlying cause. Finally, after several years of personal research and experimentation, I learned the importance of listening to my body and built a more intimate understanding of its signals over time. As I started reducing the use of skin care products with harsh chemicals and focusing on all-natural solutions, I saw irritation and inflammation lessen, leaving my skin feeling healthy, moisturized, and vibrant. Moreover, I hope these key learnings from my journey can help you find a detox-focused skincare routine that works best for you!