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Are you asking for the life you want?- by Vyda Bielkus

There is a little image that goes around social media every once in a while. (See below)  It shows one small circle and an arrow pointing to it saying “Your Comfort Zone” and then another large circle saying “Where the Magic Happens”.  There is an awful lot of truth to the idea.  So much of what we want to create cannot, by any means, get created in the space where things are no longer challenging us.


When I was young girl, I remember a conversation I had with my mother.  I looked up to my mom (I still do).  There were many reasons to look up to her. Not only did she have four kids she also had her own business.  And on top of that she had a vibrant social/family life.  And still on top of that she exercised and took care of herself and meditated!  Did she make it look easy and effortless?  In a way yes, because she made it look like a hell of a lot of fun!  On one of those days when she was beaming from ear to ear, I asked her, “how did you get this full and fun life?”.  I was curious.  What was it that created all this joy that she had for living?  And she answered me, “When I was little, just like you, I prayed to God not to give me a boring life.”

Boy, were her prayers answered.  This simple message stayed with me long after she first said it to me.  No I didn’t become an adrenaline junkie (no jumping out of airplanes required), but I did understand that if I wanted to live into my potential I had to move away from inertia and toward that which at first maybe perceived as unsettling.  Often to this day when things seem a bit overwhelming or seem like the things happening at a given time couldn’t possibly be happening all at once, we often joke to each other “at least it’s not a boring life”.

It takes courage to be in a state of change and transformation.  It takes more courage to ask for it, to sign up for it, to seek it.  But it is precisely in those moments of being prodded, pushed, challenged that the truth of who you are rises to the occasion and the soul grows.  It’s precisely the experience and feeling of being “where the magic happens.”

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