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Yoga has taught me about the importance of detoxing both your mind and body in order to experience a well-balanced life. Throughout my yoga journey, I’ve become more aware of toxins that I encounter each day, from toxic thoughts to environmental toxins. Yoga and meditation were a clear approach to a mental and physical detox, but finding a detox for environmental toxins was a challenge, especially when it came to my skincare routine. So, for years I struggled with skin irritation, breakouts, and acne without a clear solution or understanding of the underlying cause. Finally, after several years of personal research and experimentation, I learned the importance of listening to my body and built a more intimate understanding of its signals over time. As I started reducing the use of skin care products with harsh chemicals and focusing on all-natural solutions, I saw irritation and inflammation lessen, leaving my skin feeling healthy, moisturized, and vibrant. Moreover, I hope these key learnings from my journey can help you find a detox-focused skincare routine that works best for you!

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