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Balancing the Doshas with Dosha Bar

Did you know that what you eat can affect your balance, and that what you need to feel balanced may not be what someone else needs? This principle is part of Ayurveda. One of our favorite companies, local to us here in Boston, is Dosha Bar. They make organic snack bars that support each person’s dosha. We’ll give you a quick run-down of each type of dosha then explain which bars would be perfect for balancing your dosha.


What is Your Dosha?

Ayurveda states that there are five elements in life (space, water, earth, fire, and air) and that these elements combine to create three different doshas – vata, kapha, and pitta. These doshas can help you, as an individual, determine the best way to achieve emotional, physical, and physiological health. A person may have a combination of these doshas, but usually one is more dominant than the others.


    • People with a vata dosha are out-of-the-box thinkers, quick learners, energetic, and creative. They may also be forgetful, have trouble sleeping, and have irregular eating patterns.


    • People with a kapha dosha are strong, caring, patient, and happy. They may also have a slow metabolism, breathing issues, and depression.


    • People with a pitta dosha are strong leaders, highly motivated and goal-oriented, and quick learners. They may also be impatient, prone to mood swings, always hungry, and prone to inflammation.


Ayurvedic theory supports the idea that what you eat can help you achieve balance. If you don’t know your dosha or which foods would be ideal for you, take Dosha Bar’s short quiz to find out. Once you receive your dosha result, you’ll also be presented with balancing activities, foods, and habits that fit your dosha. And, of course, you’ll learn which Dosha Bar is perfect for you!


Types of Dosha Bars

For people with a vata dosha, there is the Cherry Chakra bar. Made with organic seeds, such as pumpkin and hemp, and organic fruits, such as cherries and dates, this bar is created to make you feel relaxed and anchored. Plus, it’s chock-full of tangy cherry flavor! Get it here.


For people with a pitta dosha, there is the Blueberry Bliss bar (found here). The fruits and seeds in this bar have been selected to calm and refresh you. The organic blueberries with a hint of cinnamon taste makes this bar the perfect post-yoga session snack.


Finally, for people with a kapha dosha, there is the Apple Cran Awakening bar (here). Designed to help you feel motivated, this bar works as an excellent snack for energy before work, grocery shopping, or yoga! Sweet, tart, and earthy – this bar has it all.


Balance with Dosha Bar

Achieving balance involves everything from how you work out to what you eat. In order to have the energy you need to care for your body, mind, and spirit, be selective about what you put into your body. Dosha Bar can help you become balanced before and after a yoga class or teacher training. Grab your Dosha Bar and sign up for yoga at Health Yoga Life.

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