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Fail.Fail.Fail. SAIL!

This past winter, I was super fortunate to be invited to tag along on a surf trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. I jumped at the chance, as Costa Rica and the Pura Vida vibe of the people and the way of life, captured my heart years back. And who doesn’t want to go to a warm place in the middle of a New England winter?!

My friends kept insisting I try surfing. Having grown up on the Cape, I always have loved the water but was really reluctant to try it. I thought to myself that looks so incredibly hard. I am going to suck at this. I am not a good swimmer. But my friends persisted, encouraging me to try it, and I kept my inner resistance fists UP!

Then one morning with the warm sun beating down on my cheeks, I woke up! What the heck Vyda? You are in a world renowned place for surfing, what are you doing sitting on the shore?!

And you know what it was FREAKING HARD!  HARD and AMAZING all at the same time.  And I LOVED IT!! 

Part of what I love about yoga practice is that it too is HARD and AMAZING at the same time. There were so many similar experiences of being on my mat, in my body, with my breath to being on the surfboard with my body and my breath.  Surfing is a very present moment experience.

I think part of what yoga (and surfing) teaches us is that there will always be failure in life, but there will also be triumph! Fail. Fail. Fail. SAIL!  These types of practices where we must keep noticing the present mind teaches us to see just how irrelevant the failure is.

This winter join us in Costa Rica!  And no you don’t have to surf (although you just might find you will want to try it)!  Come for the amazing yoga, great healthy food, beautiful beach walks, and that PURA VIDA vibe.   JOIN US!

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