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How to Help on Red Nose Day

It’s time to put your noses on! Red Nose Day is on May 27 this year, and you don’t want to miss this special fundraising event to end child poverty. By donating to Red Nose Day, you can bring hope to children in underserved communities. The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused levels of hunger and homelessness not seen since the Great Depression. This year Red Nose Day is funding programs that keep kids affected by the pandemic safe, healthy, and educated. Share a laugh and support kids facing difficult situations by lending a helping hand on Red Nose Day.


Raise awareness by wearing a red nose on Red Nose Day. This iconic red nose gets people talking and bands everyone together to make a difference in children’s lives. The digital red nose is back again this year, so when you donate, you’ll unlock a red nose filter that you can share on social media to encourage your friends to donate, too. Don’t forget to tag your picture with #NosesOn!


If child poverty is a cause close to your heart, you can start a fundraiser to raise even more money for Red Nose Day. Gather your friends or coworkers together and host an event to collect donations. You can set a company-wide goal to provide meals, medical supplies, and books for those in need. Spread laughter by sharing pictures of everyone with their red noses.

Need ideas for fundraisers? Try one of these! If you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, ask your guests to bring donations rather than gifts. Host a virtual happy hour and have everyone donate to get the link to the party. If you have a particular skill, create a virtual teaching class where people donate to Red Nose Day to sign up.


With kids struggling all across the United States, it’s up to us to come together and help everyone have the chance at a better, brighter future. We know everyone has had it economically difficult this past year, but no donation is too small. You can make a one-time or monthly donation through Red Nose Day. You can also shop for masks, t-shirts, and pop sockets from Red Nose Day. The proceeds go to their programs.

Play Games with Your Kids

Share the importance of helping others with your kids by involving them in Red Nose Day. Of course, everyone gets a laugh out of wearing a red nose (virtual or not!). You can also get them excited about Red Nose Day by playing games. Here are some ideas:

Red Nose and Spoon Race:

Each racer balances a red nose on a spoon and places one hand behind their back. On “Go,” everyone races each other to the finish line while keeping their red nose on the spoon. If it falls off, the racer must start all over again!

Nose in the Hole:

Tape up a large cardboard box, then cut out three holes (making sure the holes are bigger than a red nose). Number the holes. Kids take turns tossing red noses into the holes. Add up the numbers of the holes to come up with their final score. The one with the highest score wins.

Hide & Seek Noses:

A classic game of hide and seek gets everyone excited. Give it a little twist by challenging your kids to hide somewhere with only their red noses visible. Make it more challenging on the seeker by hiding extra red noses throughout the house or yard.

Red Nose Yoga:

Exactly what it sounds like, red nose yoga is practicing yoga with your red nose on. Who can keep it on even in downward dog? Let the giggles begin!

Support Red Nose Day

Change the lives of children in poverty by supporting Red Nose Day. Every donation helps and can make a world of difference. Get your #NosesOn and shower kids with hope.

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