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HYL’s Four Quadrants of Health: Take the Quiz! #WellthyWednesday

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I want to bring more balance into my life’? It is time to take some action around this otherwise blanket statement. The problem can be, however, that when you are out of balance any chance can seem overwhelming, where to begin? Divide and conquer. Health Yoga Life has developed a tool to help identify the parts that make up the whole in life, called the Four Quadrants of Health™. The 4 Quads are made up of rest, activity, nourishment and cleansing that apply to all three parts of our life – body, mind and spirit.

Apply each quadrant to your body for example, and question whether it is over active, under active or just right for who you are and what is happening in life for you at present. For example, does your body have enough rest, enough activity, enough nutrition or enough detox…or do you have a lack of physical rest, activity, nutrition or have high toxicity?

Do not apply these quadrants only to the body also apply them to your mind and spirit. You may have a low level of physical activity, but because you are pushed at work very hard you may have a high level of activity in the mind. The relationships between these quadrants are not always directly proportional, but you may begin to see trends that make a lot of sense to explain why you feel how you feel and indicate where change or support may be needed.

When the 4 Quads are in balance, things flow in our lives, but when even one quadrant is overemphasized, or dramatically under-emphasized a sense of being overwhelmed may filter into everything you do, increasing stress and impacting you negatively. By seeing more clearly where the balance is off, it is easier to seek solutions to bring more positivity to those areas of life.

If you are struggling to find ways to improve the status quo, call on a Health Yoga Life Coach to assist you in bringing solutions to where attention in the quadrants is needed. If you are curious about how 1:1 coaching could serve your READ MORE HERE and email to set up an introductory call.

Bonus: Take the 4 Four Quadrants of HealthCLICK HERE. Gain valuable insights!

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Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.