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Jade Makes the Grade / Review by HYL Yogi: Liz

A serious yogi of about four years now, I’ve spent a lot of money on yoga mats. I’ve owned ones from Target, Marshall’s, Nike and even two from lululemon. While I love lululemon apparel, their mats just didn’t stand up to my sweaty yoga practice. I was constantly slipping and sliding on “The Mat,” their signature style.

A few months ago, I practiced at a studio in New York and rented a mat from their stockpile, which was a Jade Yoga mat. Instantly fell in love and new that Jade had to be a part of my yoga practice when I returned to the HYL studio.

I ordered the Jade Teal because the color is great and $5 of the proceeds go towards ovarian cancer research. The mat came in less than a week and my practices have been significantly better.

promatslowres_400x400One of my favorite parts of a yoga practice is the incredible hands-on assists by the HYL instructors. With my lululemon mat, I would often slide out of downward dog when receiving an assist. Jade has a much better gripping capability and can help keep me in poses longer. Jade Yoga mats are made of natural rubber and contain no PVCs, so they’re environmentally friendly.

I also love how fast the Jade mat dries. After each class, I spray down my mat with a tea tree and water mixture and my mat is completely dry the next time I want to use it.

I wish I purchased a Jade sooner than I did, but glad this amazing mat will be a part of my yoga practice in 2015.

Jade Grade: A+

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