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Kundalini Yoga Class with Kyla at Kundalini Yoga Boston / Review by HYL Sister: Vyda

We Health Yoga Life sisters love yoga – that is for certain.   We love it in all the amazing practices and styles it comes in.  On a recent Saturday I woke up and knew I needed to shift my energy.  I had been really working a lot on our business all week and sometimes going to class at our Boston Health Yoga Life studio feels a little bit like work to me.  I just wanted to do yoga where I could simply blend in and be a student, take off my ‘owner cap’ for a bit.  So I ventured across the river over to our Sister Studio – Kundalini Yoga Boston.   They are THE studio for Kundalini in the city of Boston.  Kundalini yoga was introduced to the world by teacher Yogi Bhajan and incorporates set kriyas (poses, breath, chanting), meditation and more.  I find it a powerful practice that has complemented my Vinyasa (Hatha) practice.   There are a ton of reasons why we sisters love Kundalini Yoga Boston. One of the reasons that it stands out among studios are the two amazing light-filled owners, Siri Bani and Siri Ram.   We are kindred spirits, women who own small businesses that are transforming lives!   And second is the beautiful, friendly community of teachers and students they have created.

I had been to Kyla’s class once before and truth be told I am quite particular when it comes to teachers and seek out good teaching.  (Big shout out to all our teachers at Health Yoga Life!) So it is a testament to Kyla’s teaching that I didn’t stay home and occupy myself with my work and went to yoga class instead.  This gal ROCKS!  There are certain characteristics of teaching that I seek out:  balanced, grounded, self-less, and present.  Kyla is all of this and more.  We did a crazy, intense set of quick moving postures all the while chanting HAR, and just when one of us students wanted to give up she steadied us back to the task, all the while smiling.   It takes an insightful teacher to hold the energy for the class, especially as we went for a penetrating 22 minutes.   It is through Kyla’s assurance that you believe that you can do it, that you come into knowing that your body, your mind, your life is being transformed in the very moment.   After the set of movements, we rested and then continued on with a meditation for connection with the infinite.   Kyla gave precise direction which made all of us in the class ready for action.  Although the meditation’s directions set out what seemed like an impossible task, not blinking for 11 minutes,  Kyla with her presence and grace let us tap into that part of us that could do it (or at least have enough faith that our attempt at it was just as good as perfecting it).   Believe me, by the end of this class, I was awake and I don’t mean just less sleepy.

If you have never tried Kundalini yoga, go for it and give up your belief that you already know everything about yoga or yourself
for that matter. At our Boston studio we offer Kundalini called Breath Bliss ‘n Flow  on Tuesdays at 4pm with Sahaj also a wonderful teacher.    Check out for their class schedule.

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.