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LEAP into the Present Today!

It is an absolute truth that we can’t predict our future. No matter how we might try, from where we are in this moment in time, we do not know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Since this is a truth of life, our journey here includes learning to be as fully alive in our present moment. This is the moment where our life is and where it unfolds. Being in this moment is where we connect to our truth and our power and fear begins to release its grip.

However, as we have certainly experienced, life has a way of pulling us out of the present and into the illusion that we can control our future. This false belief spins us out of the now, right into fear. We start to doubt ourselves, to lose faith, to hold back, to force others to be different, all of this ends up causing anxiety, tension, and more fear. This dance from reality to illusion and back, pulls us out of this precious moment called the present.

We can learn to become more conscious and more present. This is what the yoga philosophy attests. As we move away from the illusion of the future, we allow our authentic self to shine. In this space, we can align our choices to right action.

Today as we get this extra day, why not choose to really focus on being present? Notice can you shift your thoughts back to the moment you are experiencing. Practice. Bring your thoughts to your breath. Head to yoga class and match your breath to your movement. Talk to a friend/loved one and really listen. All simple ways to practice being present.

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