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Let The Universe Fulfill The Orders by Vyda Bielkus

Becoming very clear and defined in your thoughts and choices leads to the power of manifesting what you want.  The problem is most of us are so confused around what we want that the messages that we send out to the universe cannot be received.  The static is too loud and the message is lost.  You see the universe works exactly like it is supposed to, what you put out you receive back (most of the time by ten fold).  The universe is like a huge fulfillment center just waiting to fulfill the orders it receives.  However, it is up to you to be loud and clear with the message so that it can be received and fulfilled.

From a young age I have known intuitively that there is a way to demand from the universe what is our birthright.  Early on I read books by Louise Hay (the queen of positive affirmations) and others about the power of manifesting and the laws of attraction. All of them offered great advice and hope about how one can take control of one’s thoughts and therefore one’s destiny, but no matter how much I tried to follow the simple instructions, I could not tap into this creative force of attracting.

As my life went on I did notice that the more I let the universe work for me, and the less I tried to do something the more successful I was.   Often times the deepest work I did on myself centered on how to replace reaching for something with letting it come to me.

But over the last year and a half my ability to manifest and attract into my life what I truly need has been profound.  And so I began to think what was it that really changed for me that allowed my messages to finally be received and fulfilled by the universe.   I will not proclaim it simple, because actually it is not that simple to give up old ways of thinking and doing things and replace them with a fresh way, an uncharted way of creating your life.  But I will say that as you see the law of attraction working in your life the more you rely on it, like a good friend, it never disappoints.

So although I don’t think it is simple, I do think there are simple steps I can share that helped me become someone who can tap into creating her life rather then living by the consequences of her life.

1.  You need to believe in yourself fully.

Interestingly enough, my ability to create and manifest really became second nature to me  when I finally gave up being defined by others and having low self esteem.  It seems that we cannot manifest when we are grid-locked by what others think.  You need to become fully clear on who you are with yourself.  How do you do that in a world that doesn’t teach us how to do this?  For me steadfast belief in myself came from some serious hard times that I had to go through. Betrayals by loved ones and friends, forced me to find my inner strength, as I learned to stay strong in the choices I was making for myself.  I finally was able to let go of the part of me that did things for other people’s love and approval, because having done that for so long in the end did not bring me love. In fact it brought me just the opposite-tremendous pain.  So although traumatic events in life are not pleasant when they are happening, they can be great fertilizer for actually growing into your own true person.

2. The message needs to be CRYSTAL clear.

Creatively manifesting really only works when your message is completely clear and has no feelings of fear, doubt, and/or confusion attached to it.  Daily our mind has millions of thoughts, and when you want to create something you need to begin to significantly alter the mental chatter.  Your true choices cannot be clear in a muck of thoughts.   You need to begin to distinguish your thoughts and begin to eradicate the negative ones that are pulling down the positive one.  Only recently I realized that I was see-sawing constantly between negative and positive thought.  This I can assure you confuses the universe completely.  And so it cannot send back to you what you want, because you are not sending a clear message. It is not that I was see-sawing outwardly between positive and negative emotions, no; it was that my inner world was constantly going back and forth between a positive thought and negative one.  But becoming deeply aware of this, I began to also see that I could control which thoughts I allowed to be present and which ones actively chose to cognitively dissolve.  I consciously began to pronounce the positive thoughts and replace the negative ones.

3.  You need stillness.

Our lives are full of noise.  This is not a conducive environment for one’s authentic desires to be heard.  You need to deeply listen to yourself to be able to hear what will make you truly happy.  Practicing yoga and meditation brings about deep stillness and creates a quality of listening.  However it is not at these times that you create what you want.  During these times you are shedding what you don’t need and are cultivating the space that will allow the truth to shine through and be heard.

4.  Listen and believe what you hear.

When you have something you want to create at hand, the thought process is not linear.  It is more that “the thought” of something to be manifested becomes the more distinct thought in your mind.  All other thoughts in that moment are no longer present or important.  The manifestation thought holds so much power because it is authentic.  Now if you aren’t ready to believe in the law of attraction your thoughts won’t have any place to take hold, and become the most prominent thought. Your mind will be like Teflon, nothing will stick.  You want to instead let the thought that comes from deep stillness to grow into reality.  Therefore you need to believe in it.   If you don’t, I refer you back to step 1.  You will never believe in your power to create if you don’t believe in yourself.  Often times it is in moments between actions that the space is there for these thoughts to appear.  For example, I have found right after meditation as I transition into my next activity a time where more authentic truths begins to reveal itself in cognitive thought.  Or when I am driving moving from one prominent activity to another, or as I move from a dream state to one of being fully awake are also times I have been able to cognitively structure my thoughts, so pay attention to the transition time.

5. Start small, acknowledge and repeat.

Practicing my ability to create what I wanted started small. I started with creating parking spots.  For the last several years, I have never struggled to find a parking spot, and I live in a busy city.  I pretty much followed the steps above, and never doubted I would get a spot right where I needed it.  The universe continuously met my needs.  But a very important part of this was to acknowledge and give thanks.   This acknowledgement of the law of attraction allowed my mind to begin to carve out the manifestation groove in my brain. I needed to continue to practice small to let the neurons in the brain keep learning how to fire in this new way.  Now as I think and create the life I want, I fully acknowledge when the process has worked.  After what I want has been realized, I review how I created it to happen. I recall the thoughts. I connect the dots.  Again it is important to be grateful and to reinforce this new pathway in the brain.

6.  You are always protected so let go of control.

Now when things don’t happen the way I thought they would, I know that I either have not been authentic in my desire or that the universe is protecting me. It is quite magnificent as the outcome is usually better for me anyway, even if in the moment of it not turning out the way I had expected is temporarily disappointing.  This has now so often happened to me that it has led me to fully acknowledge that I am protected by the universe.  It has given me the ability to let go of controlling anything.   Because I can let the universe work for me and I know that not sometimes, but ALL the time it is smarter than I am.  To be clear giving up control doesn’t mean I am giving up creating or manifesting or desiring or acting, it means that I am in relationship, in partnership with the universe.

My yoga teacher the other day was taking about how a certain meditation exercise can bring prosperity into one’s life and then said something I loved, “Don’t believe me, don’t take anything I say as truth.  Try it for yourself and see.”  So I say don’t believe me, but I encourage you to try it for yourself.  And if you can’t get past step one, engage a coach and work on your stuff.  For as I found out as you believe in yourself more, define yourself more, shine your own light forward more, you will tap into the glorious flow of the universe.

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