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Life’s Gifts by Vyda Bielkus

Gifts don’t always come wrapped in pretty packages.  And this week, maybe because of the moon’s complete eclipse, life has been generous with reminding me what a gift truly is.

My best friend’s flight being cancelled out of Heathrow.  Life.
Being able to spend Christmas with him in London and then being flown home in first class on the 26thGift.

Fracturing my foot and needing to cancel my trip to India.  Life.
Getting to spend more time with my sister and her lovely fiancé while enjoying the lights of London.  Gift.

A friend getting a flat tire after her soccer game. Life.
Finding someone to help her change it and be on her way in under 45 minutes in the middle of winter.  Gift.

My mom cooking all day traditional Christmas foods with her mom.  Life.
My Grandmother celebrating her 95th Christmas.  Gift.

There really is a gift in everything that happens to us.  It is how we choose to look at life, and whether we have faith or not, that can turn life’s moments into precious gifts.  This Christmas open your eyes and your heart to all the gifts in your life, especially the ones not hiding under the tree.

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