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Restorative Yoga for the New Moon in Aries

Aligning our routines to the lunar rhythms connects our energy to nature. A New Moon is the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle. Your energy may be low during this time as your body prepares for change and transformation. The New Moon phase is a beautiful time to set intentions or connect with where you are at in your journey. In this post, you’ll find some of our favorite restorative yoga poses and a meditation prompt for the New Moon. These poses and meditation can help you recharge and prepare for a new season.

Yoga Poses for New Moon in Aries

Here are three restorative yoga poses to practice this Aries New Moon.

Extended Child’s Pose

After getting into this pose, focus on your breath, breathing in and out slowly. Hold this pose for 3-5 minutes.

Easy Chest Opener

In the center of your yoga mat, place three folded blankets on top of each other. Sit on your mat in front of these blankets, then place yoga blocks and a rolled-up blanket or towel underneath your knees. Gently lay back onto the pile of blankets with your heels resting on the floor. If you want extra support for your head, place a rolled-up blanket under your head. Rest your hands on your belly and follow your breath in and out. Stay in this pose for 5-10 minutes.

Legs on a Chair Pose

For this pose, place a folded-up blanket on the chair’s seat. This chair should be centered on your yoga mat. Lay a bolster horizontally in front of the chair’s legs. Place a second bolster vertically in front of this first bolster so that they form a T. Sit on the bolster closest to the chair, then lay back so that your spine is flush against the vertical bolster. You can use a folded blanket or pillow to support your head. Place your calves onto the chair’s seat and rest your arms at your side on the floor. Focus on your breath. Hold this pose for 10 minutes, feeling your lower back, legs, and nervous system relax.

Meditation Prompt for New Moon in Aries

If you’d like to take your New Moon practice even further, you can try this grounding meditation exercise. It connects you with your breath and focuses on eliminating negative emotions and feelings.

To begin, sit on a cushion or chair with your feet flat against the floor. Close your eyes. Make sure you keep your spine straight. Inhale through your nose, following your breath down to the base of your spine. Then, exhale when it feels natural, following your breath down to your feet and the ground beneath them. Release any tension you’re holding and feel supported by the earth.

Now, place the tips of your ring and middle fingers on the tips of your thumbs. Keep your index and middle fingers extended. Hold this mudra for five minutes or so as you meditate on your breath.

Plant seeds of intention and growth and reflect on your dreams. Visualize the things that are no longer serving you. What behaviors or fears are standing in your way of becoming your authentic self? On each inhale and exhale, tell yourself, “Let Go.” Repeat this several times for each of the things you want to get rid of. After this, visualize what you need to achieve your goals. Do you need more peace, patience, joy, or clarity? As you slowly inhale and exhale, imagine yourself gaining what you need and fulfilling your dreams.

Restore Your Energy with Yoga

The New Moon in Aries is a time of reflection and rest. During this time, you can prepare your mind and body for growth. What is it that you want to achieve? Taking a slow restorative yoga practice and meditating can open you to new possibilities and restore your energy. For even more poses to support your restorative practices, check out our weekly live online classes at Health Yoga Life.

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