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Stylish Bag Lady / Review by HYL Yogi: Liz

I’ve been called the “bag lady” once or twice in my life, which has a negative connotation to me. The Urban Dictionary refers to a bag lady as “a poor woman who uses bags to transport her possessions and collect things that might be of use or traded for money.” My bags are simply used to tote my lunch, workout clothes, gym sneakers, Tupperware from yesterday’s lunch, a cosmetic bag and yoga mat.

My mother and infamous problem-solver, Gina, wanted to help and surprised me with a JoBird Yoga Caryall to help ease my transitional move from Beacon Hill to Everett. She knew that I would be commuting into work every day and would need the perfect bag to tote all of my essentials.

She heard about JoBird in The Hartford Courant, a local newspaper near my hometown, because these bags were designed and created in Connecticut. Co-founder, Pam, started doing yoga in 2011 and wanted to solve the yogic problem – a bag that holds everything (including mat) with style.

I can’t imagine life before my JoBird. Currently rocking the emerald tweet bag (sorry, this color is sold out!), it holds everything I need for my workout session and day at the office. And the sleeve underneath is durable enough to strap in your yoga mat. The bag is even the perfect size to fit in Health Yoga Life’s cubbies for storage during class.

The bag is made from Outdura which cannot be faded by the sun or chlorine, which also makes it the perfect beach bag too. And my favorite part is that it is mildew-resistant and has a little pouch on the side for sweaty clothes.

So where can you find JoBird? There are a few cute boutiques in the Litchfield Hills of CT that carry them and also a few yoga studios in NYC. So the easiest place for you Boston yogis is online.

Ten years ago, I was very grateful to discover yoga. Two years ago, I was very grateful to discover Health Yoga Life. And last year, I was very grateful to discover JoBird.

There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.