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Staying Young at Heart with a Challenge – by Aida Bielkus

Health Yoga Life’s “Spring into Summer – 30 Day Challenge” is starting April 24th.  Sure, as adults, we can rationalize that we somehow will get fit for the summer, feel better, lose addictions, drop stress etc.  Yet in order to really engage in this challenge and accomplish goals an inner fire must be stoked…the spark of ‘can I do this?!’ must be ignited. This spark grows you past a point that has gotten familiar (and dare I say boring?!).  As adults we forget that we can create that spark and it is up to us to step up to the challenge.  We get lulled into habits and patterns.  Creating a challenge, like our 30 Days of Yoga is similar to someone who runs a marathon, engages in a make-over, adventure travels, starts a new relationship and so on; it has to be outside of your comfort zone to be effective.

It is a game! Remember games, folks?? There is that sense of a competition within the self.  Kids have this sense of competition a lot; in fact just this morning my daughter challenged herself to how long she could stand on one foot on the edge of a rock for no apparent reason.  My son has a daily game of hoops with his buddies where they play, act freely, laugh and challenge themselves over and over again.   I remember testing myself, contest after contest growing up: how long can I hold my breath, how long can I tread water, how fast can I eat my taco? Yes we yoga sisters had many taco eating contests growing up! This quest for testing oneself is fun and natural.

What inspires you? What would spark your inner fire? Music is a big spark for me. I could see myself dancing to Bruce Springsteen all the way through a challenge, and take inspiration from his great dancing song, “Can’t start a fire without a spark”… throwing caution to the wind, letting go of control, unsure of the outcome, “even if we’re just dancing in the dark.”  Yoga philosophy also keeps me going.  “Tapas” is a theory from the Yoga Sutra that actually means “to burn”. Tapas are described as a “fiery discipline”,  a burning fiery discipline is required to burn off that which does not serve you.  Remind yourself of a time in your life when you engaged a fiery discipline (it may have been when you were a kid) and rekindle that energy!  Seeing change also inspires me and I know as I engage in a challenge outside of what is considered “normal” outside of what “I expect”, everything around me will change without me even trying (as a side benefit!).

Affirmation for the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge:

My inner spark fuels my challenge as I play my way to transformation!