Definition of Relaxing = Yoga Retreat!

From a quick click on something called, I’m led to believe that Americans spent more than $100 billion on summer vacations in 2017.[1]Why? Ostensibly, they were looking to recharge, de-stress, detach, expand their horizons, broaden their minds, rekindle romance, get some sleep, eat well, indulge themselves, or some medley of all of the above. In other words, they spent $100 billion in an effort to relax.

As I reflected on my last vacation and its attendant credit bill, I wondered how much of that $100 billion was well spent. My own small piece of the holiday economy went for a Spring Break girls’ cruise best left un-described. But, you can picture, overdone cafeteria food; over-loud dance music; overcrowded swimming pools; overexposed skin—these are the ingredients for too many overpriced getaways. They’re the opposite of relaxing.

That’s why I can’t wait for the retreat, next March, to Nosara, Costa Rica! Transformation in Nosara – Yoga, Sea, Surf and Soul. An HYL retreat in a tropical destination is the inverse of the vacation that requires a consequent vacation. It’s designed around the concept of “pura vida,” meaning “pure life” reconnecting body, spirit, and environment. It is a local mantra that you will hear throughout Costa Rica.

The nutrient-rich cuisine, the tranquil beaches, and the company of like-minded seekers of peace—these are the ingredients for serenity and life. Throughout my yoga career I’ve experienced dozens of destination retreats, and HYL’s tailored blend yoga, coaching, and ocean idyll is a beautifully balanced recipe for recharging, expanding horizons, and eating and sleeping well.

It is, in my opinion, the definition of relaxing.

Even if you are new to yoga or new to a retreat experience it is really for anyone! Don’t just go on vacation needing another vacation when you get home. Our retreat is a journey that gives back to you long after you leave the resort!

Just imagine yourself HERE and join us!  Our Costa Rica Yoga Retreats Sell OUT!

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