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Tips to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap—it’s known as the time of miscommunications, travel mishaps, and contract snafus. It kind of sounds like no one should even be getting out of bed in the morning, but since this is impossible, we want to give you a few tips for not only surviving Mercury Retrograde but also thriving during the next retrograde, which runs from May 29 to June 22.

Mindful Communication

Mercury Retrograde can mess with our communications, both in the way we perceive a friend’s or coworker’s response, and in the way we phrase our thoughts. Before sending a text to your friend or an email to your boss, mull it over. Did you really say what you meant to say? Before responding to a text from your friend, consider if they really meant to be hostile or standoffish. Perhaps, Mercury Retrograde is just getting to them, too. It can do wonders for your relationships if you slow down before sending messages.

Slow Down and Relax

Speaking of slowing down…Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to take things slow. Sometimes you have to slow down because some things are out of your control (like hitting all those red lights on your way to work), but being grateful in these slow times is key to thriving during Mercury Retrograde. And your mind will be better from intentionally taking your time with something. Considering buying a new house? House hunt slowly. Wanting to get a tattoo or a new pup? Sit on this until the end of Mercury Retrograde before making a final decision.

Stay still in the moment and let your energy recharge. Get plenty of sleep. Practice self-care (find some ways here). Say “no” when you need to rest. Meditate and journal often. After focusing on relaxation, you’ll be ready for the forward motion that comes after Mercury Retrograde.

Remember and Release

During a retrograde, you may experience feelings of nostalgia. That box of letters under your bed that you haven’t thought about in years? It’s now calling your name. The playlist you enjoyed in high school with your ex? It’s been stuck on repeat in your head for days now. It’s okay to remember why the things in your past are special to you. You just don’t want to hold on to your past toxic relationships, words, or feelings. Release the anger, resentment, regret, and shame. By letting these things go, you’ll open your mind, heart, and soul to new things.


Rebalance your energy and become grounded during Mercury Retrograde with yoga. To regain a sense of calmness and peace, try these yoga poses:

  1. Eagle Pose
  2. Half Moon
  3. Goddess Pose
  4. Tree Pose
  5. Legs Up the Wall
  6. Child Pose

Thriving in Mercury Retrograde

Thrive during Mercury Retrograde by taking things slow and focusing on self-care. Join Health Yoga Life on the mat every day of the week to overcome the adverse effects of Mercury Retrograde.

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Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.