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Twisting Yoga Poses for Pretzel Day

It’s time to get twisted! National Pretzel Day is April 26. And you know what that means? Nope, we’re not suggesting grabbing the salty snacks (though we won’t discourage it either!). It’s time to pull out all our favorite twisted yoga poses for Pretzel Day. You won’t even have to wait in line like they did on Pretzel Day on The Office!

Revolved Chair Pose

Start Pretzel Day off right with a revolved chair pose. Hold this pose for five full breaths, then switch to the other side and repeat. This twisted yoga pose targets your glutes, quads, and calves. It’s also a great chest opener!

Bound Crescent Lunge Twist

From the prayer twist, step back with your right foot into a high lunge so that you’re ready for a bound crescent lunge twist, which strengthens and stretches your spine and upper body. Place your hands in a prayer position in front of your heart and twist your torso to the left. Once you have your balance, reach your left arm behind your back, then hook your right arm around your left thigh (your upper arm should touch the outside of your left leg). Clasp your hands together behind your back. Hold this twisted pose for five seconds, then untwist and step to the front of your mat. Repeat this pose on your left.


Next, step back up to the top of your mat for eagle. Wrap your right elbow under your left, then clasp your hands. Bend gently in the knees and wrap your left leg behind the right. Slowly sink a little lower into the pose. Hold for five deep breaths. Untwist, then repeat on your left side. This pose will be perfect for improving your concentration on Pretzel Day!

Side Crane Pose

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while now and have built up the strength, you may be able to do the side crane pose. Please only attempt this pose if you have good balance and don’t have wrist or lower back problems. For more information on this pose (including how to do it), check out this article on Yoga Journal.

Seated Twist Pose

Finish off your Pretzel Day practice with a seated twist pose—it promotes proper digestion, which we think is the perfect way to end Pretzel Day. Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you. Then, slide your left foot under your right leg, resting your foot on the outside of your right hip. Let your left knee rest on the floor. Step your right foot over your left leg, keeping your right knee pointed toward the ceiling. On an exhale, twist to the right and hook your left elbow on your right knee. Place your right hand on the floor behind you. Hold this pose for five breaths, then repeat on the other side.

Pretzel Day Yoga Flow

Follow this Pretzel Day yoga flow and become a human pretzel. Grab the kids and get into fun twisted shapes in honor of the salty, doughy snacks. If you enjoy these poses, check out our classes at Healthy Yoga Life for even more yoga flows. Happy Pretzel Day!

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