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5 Reasons to Consider Yoga Teacher Training – by Vyda Bielkus

IF  you have been considering yoga teacher training, now is the perfect time to leap!  Our Boston Yoga Teacher Training Spring/Summer session kicks of April 27!  In just 8 quick weekends you would be a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher.   Read about 5 great reasons to join us!

1.       Deepen your relationship with yourself!

Few experiences in life give us the opportunity to really explore what we are made of.  The Health Yoga Life Teacher Training is designed to bring out the most true YOU!  Self-inquiry and self-reflection are important for helping us shine both in our lives and as yoga teachers.  Yoga is an all-encompassing journey into the self.   By the end of training you will be your own best cheerleader.

2.       Strengthen your yoga practice!

Two classes per weekend, practice teaching and classes during the week. Health Yoga Life’s Boston Yoga Teacher Training concentrates on teaching you proper alignment and healthy modifications for various body types. Your body will change and your practice will transform.

3.       Earn more income!

A great reason to take a training is the desire to change your career or add to what you are already doing.  The demand for yoga teachers continues to grow.  For well-trained good teachers the demand is even higher.  Get trained. Get teaching. Start making mula.

4.       Learn strategies to make life work for you!

Improved public speaking.  Increased intimacy with others.   Honed communication skills. Changed habits.  All of these and many more outcomes await you.  Yoga is so much more than just the practice of asana (physical postures).  Come find out about how ancient principles when applied today can unleash the magic in your life.

5.       Connect with like-minded people!

“‘Cause you’ve got to have friends.”-Better Middler.  Each teacher training group is incredibly unique and brings together people from various walks of life.   Here is an opportunity to connect with others who share your same interests.  These friendships (and professional network) will last long after the training completes.

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There is no better way to learn about the practice you love than through a yoga teacher training.

Join us and give yourself the opportunity to rest, heal, shed, and grow.