Benefits of Drinking Herbal Teas

Life can get hectic, and we often fail to sit quietly, allowing our minds and bodies to absorb the days we’ve experienced. Taking a few minutes to sip herbal tea can do wonders for your health. We recommend Buddha Teas. At the end of Bliss Breaks in our studio, we would hand out these organic, sustainably harvested teas for restoration and balance. While we no longer offer these classes, you can still enjoy herbal teas. Here are a few of the benefits you can get from drinking Buddha Teas.

Cup of Peace

Soothe your mind with a cup of Chamomile Flower Tea from Buddha Teas. Perfect for relaxation and sleep, this tea is a favorite after a long day at work or after a calming end-of-day yoga practice. It’s a little sip of peace.

Cup of Energy

Invigorate your mind with European Peppermint tea. This tea from Buddha Teas cools and soothes, making it a great way to start the day or end an intense yoga practice. If you have an upset stomach or are suffering from a cold or flu, this peppermint tea could provide some mild relief.

Cup of Restoration

A powerful adaptogen, holy basil balances out the body and relieves stress. With a mild, slightly sweet, slightly spicy flavor, Buddha Teas Holy Basil Tea grounds you in the moment and eases a harried mind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, sip some holy basil tea and experience restoration of the mind.

Cup of Stress Relief

Our most popular tea in the studio was Ashwagandha Tea from Buddha Teas. And for good reason! Ashwagandha helps your body handle stress and gives you an extra boost of energy. On top of these uplifting benefits, it can also calm your mind for a good night’s sleep. This ashwagandha tea will help you feel calm and ready to handle anything life throws at you.

Cup of Health

We could all use a little help with our immunity. For a natural immune booster, we recommend Buddha Teas Astragalus Root Tea. This herbal tea helps your body fight off and overcome symptoms of colds, flu, and upper respiratory issues. Give your health a little love in the morning and night with astragalus tea.

Tea for Trees

While you’re enjoying the benefits of herbal Buddha Teas, you can feel good that you’re also helping preserve the National Forests. Part of Buddha Teas’ mission includes positively impacting the planet. A few ways they do this is by using organic ingredients and recycled materials. They also partner with the National Forest Foundation to plant 50 million trees in the National Forests. Steep yourself a cup of tea to benefit your mind and body, and to preserve the planet you live on.

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