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Gone CocoNUTZ! / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

Not many drinks move me into action to writing. There are lots of things I could do rather than sit and write, like looking at bouquets for my sister’s upcoming wedding, or hanging my yoga clothes to look like the spectrum. But then there is Raw Coconut Water by Harmless Harvest… and all the other drinks that I now simply call “everything else’.  Per usual, one of my sisters led me to the path of least resistance with this drink; a bit like the time when we were six and I had the choice of letting her cut my  hair – or – letting her friend do it, who happened to be younger than she was.

“So which one do you want?” she asked, when we were standing in front of an endless wall of health drinks by the check-out at Whole Foods.

“Ah…I…um,” I looked over at her catatonically; a Libra, the choices simply stunned me.

“Have you had this? You haven’t? You must!” her voice elevated so much that my hair brushed passed my ear, “my treat!” Two bottles of Harmless Harvest’s Raw Coconut Water landed in her trolley.

Before I knew it Just one Look by the Trollies went on loop in my head – but this was not just one look, but one taste! There really should be a warning label on drinks this tasty; fortunately the only side effect would be continuous trips to the market to buy it. Coconut Water can be used as an alternative to saline to treat dehydration, but you don’t have to be sick to enjoy it. Replacing electrolytes and hydrating it is a natural pairing for a hot yoga class. This brand has never been heated, qualifying for part of a Raw Diet.  The taste is totally different than any other Coconut Water on the shelves. Perhaps a bit of a splurge against other drinks of its class, but if you need a pick me up to remind you that life is full of fresh and fabulous things to experience, then definitely go for it! Plus, against other real term costs, like a Coca-Cola at the movies, or the co-pay at the doctor’s because of a GI problem caused by the “sodas” in life, it is a bargain.  This drink has got me searching out more Raw Food diet options, because many are next to zero on the glycemic index.  I only wonder when I take my husband for his first Raw meal at SAF, will he feel the same crazed sensation I have for Raw Coconut Water for the restaurant’s “Linguini Funghi ” (dehydrated Zucchini strands with pickled mushrooms)? Hmm. Perhaps I will take a sister so the path of least resistance is also
clear to him!

REACH FOR a Harmless Harvest! 



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