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Dr. Bronner’s Classic Soaps / Review by HYL Sister: Zara

Lemon Water. Coffee. Facebook. Porridge. Strawberries. Sun. Avocado. Good Morning America. Kashi. Eggs. A supine twist. Tea. Rain. The Today Show. Marmalade.  We all have our morning favorites, the small rituals that make our routine a moment of solace before the day barrels on taking us for the ride of our lives. And then there is the obligation (before facing anyone who can’t see you in your robe): a shower.  Somehow it marks the end of the me morning and begins the we day. The same way that there are countless choices of cereals, there are also countless choices of body wash, soap and suds. Maybe to make it easy on those of us who are not morning people, the choices are much the same… grapefruit this, raspberries fields that… I for one have never enjoyed smelling of a larder, but I can understand the need for variety in life.  In general most of us know what we don’t want, and for bathing that includes things like parabens, sulfates, and other yuckies that not only dry our skin but also damage the ecosystem. Many brand-named body soaps and washes contains lots of these and other yuckies. The solution? Switch to Dr Bronner’s!

This all natural, castile soap is seriously the only bottle you need in the shower/bath, so you can finally get rid of that cluttered shower caddy full of hotel miniatures. It suds, it lathers, it cleanses, it softens skin, it rinses clean.  Incredibly concentrated you only need a few drops on a loofah before meringues of foam burst up and aromatherapy diffuses through the steam. An active yogi I sometimes must bathe more than once per day,  which is annoying  for someone who (much like grizzly bears) detests getting water in her ears; but this beautiful bottle makes it a little less dreadful because it makes my skin feel so good. Being the largest organ, we must learn to care for the skin as one entity, and keeping it smiling will improve our overall wellbeing.  I even use it as shampoo, but my hair is pretty resilient so I can’t say what it would feel like on colored/permed or treated tresses.

I even use the Baby Mild (scent-free) for hand washing my delicates; so far no damage to silk stockings but DO test patch to determine if it is suitable for your clothes, and because of its lathering power do not use it in a washing machine!  The company makes many specified products, including Sal Sud, a cleaning solution, and balms, hand soaps, conditioners,  shaving gels etc. In all honesty, I find the one, original bottle can do all the work that any soap, shampoo, or shave foam does, but try out their other ranges if you like targeted lotions and potions.

Just like all the big-brand names, it has scents for any mood: Rose, Lavender, Baby-Mild, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Almond, Orange, Peppermint, Green Tea, and yes even Citrus! For the past ten years my go-to has been Tea Tree – I am pattern person – but upon trying Green Tea, bold but tender, for the first time I could be tempted to alternate.  Pouring a bit into a half filled bath, with a soft face cloth, is a quick way to clean up before dinner after a hot-yoga class.  All the writing on the bottle makes for good bath time reading, and you won’t have to worry about newspaper ink staining your fingertips!

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps

Dr Bronners

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