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The Magic of the Mustard / Review by HYL Sister: Aida

Mustard oil, mustard seeds, and packs have been a part of the Ayurvedic healing tradition for centuries. Mustard helps to increase circulation which increases oxygenation and aids in the elimination of toxins from the body.  Mustard is both warming and detoxifying.  A spoonful of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath and my tub is transformed into a healing sanctuary. After a great yoga class, workout or daily errands, really nothing feels better.  I first feel warmth; but different than most feelings because it warms deeply to my bones instead of   just a topical sensation.  The fine powder easily diffuses in the water, turning it a mild yellow but, don’t worry, it does not stain.  The first aroma that hits you is eucalyptus.  The essence releases my neck and shoulder tension immediately.

I close my eyes and drift away letting go of my thoughts, I hear the tap dripping a few seconds before my bath becomes quiet. Then hints of the rosemary, wintergreen and thyme float by.  As I continue to soak I realize I am sweating, and that’s the magic of the mustard! It helps the body let go of what does not serve it; the skin is a significant organ for elimination, accomplished through sweating and the mustard encourages this through stimulation and circulation.  After some time I stop sweating, and instead my mind continues to drift towards peace, comfort and relaxation.  Soapy bubbles do have a place in my bath routine, yet when I am in the mood to really let go body, mind and spirit I reach for this Dr Singha’s Mustard Bath.  After the bath, make sure you have enough time to lie down for a while, wrap up in a light sheet and let your body rest and rebalance…you may even fall into a deep healing sleep.

So you may ask who is this Dr. Singha? Dr. Singha has passed.  He lived and practised in London as a holistic physician of acupuncture, osteopathy and ayurvedic medicine for over 40 years. Each one of his clinics dispensed his Mustard Bath formula.  He supported natural health through detoxification and nourishment.  His contributions to holistic health are respected and appreciated throughout the world.

The labelled ingredient list includes:  certified organic mustard seed powder, essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen and thyme, gum benzoin in a base of sodium carbonate.  Besides the obvious ingredients ‘gum benzoin’ is a resin obtained from the bark of certain trees; and ‘sodium carbonate’ is a fine white powder obtained from the ashes of many plants and it is used as a water softener.

A small scoop goes a long way, so follow the instructions, but you can adjust to personal preference, water amount and bath size!

Mustard Bath

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